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6 things your customers are expecting from your website

Let’s face it, your company is already facing problems if you aren’t listening to your customers. After all, the best business decisions are based on real customer data and not blind-assumptions. Especially today, the most important thing a customer is expecting from your business is a website. Here, we will talk about the 6 things a website should have to deliver on those expectations.

Table of Content:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Interactive Content
  3. Responsive Design
  4. CTA Buttons
  5. Great Content
  6. Testimonials and Feedbacks

Today, when a consumer is looking for a product or service, they mainly surf online rather than going to a nearby store themselves. So in order to tell your audience that you are the right business, you need a website.

Sure, customers can easily trust reviews or opinions from other people, but an optimized website allows them to be fully informed about the business they are engaging with in order to make the right decision.

Your website works 24/7 in conveying your brand message and serving your customers. It is here that you attract new customers while also being in touch with the current ones. So to run a successful website, you need to understand what our customers are looking for when they visit it.

Do you want to know what are these important things a website should have? Keep on reading!

1. Contact Information

Your customers visit your website to connect with you. You would not want to make it hard for them to see your contact information, do you?

Your very first page should tell your customers how they can contact you. An email address, a contact number, or your company’s address – make sure everything is right there on your home page itself, clearly!

2. Interactive Content

first impression
Source: Sweor

To create a positive impression of your website in the eyes of your consumer, you need to introduce them to interactive content.

Interactive content refers to anything your visitors can interact with when they visit your website. This can be a short survey or a price calculator.

In addition to that, you can also include various interactive multimedia like compelling videos, images, or animations to create an enjoyable experience for your users.

3. Responsive Design

poor design
Source: socPub

Your customers want your website to work quickly and efficiently on every device be it a laptop or a mobile phone.

Trying to purchase or read from a website that doesn’t work sufficiently on a mobile phone is the most frustrating thing. Users don’t even take a second to exit from such websites which makes having a responsive design one of the most important things a website should have.

The average time that a customer stays on a website is 15 seconds. So you basically have to expect them to find everything in this time frame no matter what device they are on.

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4. CTA Buttons

It’s obvious that you would want your customers to interact with your website whether it is for a sign-up on your newsletter or action to purchase your products.

When you include buttons like “Sign Up Here” and “Buy Now” you are directly telling your customers what they can do next.

Just keep in mind that you do not create a mess with a hoard of call-to-action buttons on your page. Use 2-3 of them on one page and make them clear and accessible. Try testing different formats like pop-ups, social sharing, or slide-in forms, and see what type of CTA works best with your audience.

5. Great Content

great content
Source: Hubspot

Blogs are a great way to share industry-related news, tips, tricks, and other relevant information about your industry. Not only that, but writing blogs for your website can be highly beneficial for search engine rankings, social media posts, and email sign-ups.

So if you want to attract new people to your website you need great content and blogs are the way!

6. Testimonials And Feedbacks

No matter how much you assure people how great your product or service is, your audience will rely on proof rather than promotions.

This is why testimonials and feedbacks from past customers are important to be displayed on your website. It does not only validates your work but also builds trust with potential clients and customers to do business with you.

Simply email all your current or past customers to write honest feedback about your company. If you’re struggling to do so, try offering incentives such as free eBooks, discounts, or other gifts to encourage them to write a line or two.

It’s onto you…

Here was our list of things a website should have.

In the end, we would like to say that all you have to do is make your customer’s life easier by creating an engaged and dedicated website. If you don’t know what people think about your website, ask people around you or look at your website from the eyes of a customer – is it able to fulfill the problem of why that person has come to your site?

If you figure out where you’re lagging behind, start tweaking and changing to make your site perfect.

Directly asking your customer can also be a great way to clear all your doubts. Take polls on social media or see what your competitors are doing on their website.

Your website should be evolving constantly as your business does. Avoid all wrong moves and reach out for the right ones!

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