6 July 2018

by Spark Eighteen

8 Ways to optimise your website design


As a brand, you must make a quick move to – increase the average time your visitors spend on your site, improve your website bounce rate, and multiply the conversion rate to boost up your business. By optimizing your website design, you can do all this, and more!

“Web design is the process of creating websites which encompasses several different aspects, including web page layout, content production, and graphic design.”

    “94% of visitors stopped trusting websites with a degraded web design.”

Here’s how you can create your website design or fix up the loopholes, and trigger the need-to-explore-more in your visitors like a pro:

1. Research and Ideate: Have a Plan

Remember “the first impression is the last impression?” The same goes for your web design. Before jumping on to creating your website, you must do a lot of research work to chalk out a plan for a neat website layout, and then get going! A graphic designer, UI/UX designer, a coder or developer, and a content person – putting in their efforts together to shell out a great product – is how it works.

To ensure that your website meets the needs of your visitors, you must take your buyer’s persona and their journey into consideration. Being well versed about your target audience (including demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals) is a win-win situation for it will help you in – increasing your website traffic manifold, mapping out a great strategy, creating the correct type of graphics & content that will resonate with your buyer.

2. Know the purpose of the page

For if you have a page on your website, you should have a purpose behind it. Trying answering the following questions before building those pages:

– What pages your visitors would like to view?
– What content are they going to read in one go?
– What will push them to contact you?

Solving these questions will help you design a site that helps nurture leads through the sales funnel.

Make it easy for your visitors to get a snapshot of what you offer by adding categories on your home page and giving them a ‘Search’ button so they can smoothly access the information on a click.

3. Incorporate great visuals and copy

Good Graphics

Create a series of minimalist flat color palettes or use beautiful gradients for your website as per your product or service. There’s a strong relationship between the placement of an element and its meaning when it comes to web designing. Do compliment your data with nice visuals to balance out the overall look.

Great Copy

Avoid too much text on the landing screen. Try to keep your copy short, crisp, and to the point with fewer metaphors and jargons. Do not confuse your visitors with content that’s misleading.

Visually Appealing Typography

Readability comes first, style is secondary. Use a limited number of fonts so that your website doesn’t look chaotic. Create great headline and body font combinations that compliment each other. Optical uniformity is the key, which also includes the spacing between two characters! Keep the font BOLD and colours BRIGHT & VIBRANT. Whitespace is also an essential design element since it helps in breaking and improving readability for viewers.

4. Have a clear and catchy CTA button

Strong call-to-action buttons are a must as they make it easy for the brand to get hold of web users, and you cannot miss out any chances, right? Do not forget to add-on these in your website to guide users towards your goal conversion.

5. Make your navigation easy

Always respect your users’ time. They should be aware of where they are and where they want to go. Make an effort to simplify navigation through your website.

6. Responsive & Progressive: Keeping pace with the latest trends

Develop chatbots for a better customer experience. They’d love the fact that you’re available for them 24×7.

Mobile websites are being used more than desktop ones. People actually spend 87% of their time on mobile apps and more than 50% of the online audience is likely to browse your site on smartphones or tablets. Thus, it becomes imperative to build a website which is mobile-friendly.

Don’t forget to give your users social media buttons to explore your social platforms and share the information in no time.

7. Reduce the site load time

Do not miss to check the loading speed of your site. We recommend making sure your website loads in 4 seconds! Always keep the user in your mind while testing the speed of your site. Fix up the bugs and go LIVE only after a careful examination.

8. Testing is key

Use tools to create A/B tests for visitors in order to review which variation performs better for a given conversion goal. Each test will reveal data that identifies why users are interacting with that page in a particular way.

Other important factors that can reveal if your website’s performance is up to the mark or not are: Conversion rates, number of pages your visitors explore, number of clicks on your website, etc.

You can have access to your audience analytics with Google Analytics tool. It gives you an insight about your website visitors and everything related to them – who they are, what their interests are, where they’re located, and whether they are first-time or returning visitors. The data gathered can further help in refining and optimizing the website.

At Spark Eighteen, we help brands spark innovation with customized products and technology solutions that are adaptive and responsive to your business needs.

Need an effective web design for your brand? Write to us at coffee@sparkeighteen.com or get in touch here to build your very own website with us!


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