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    Delhi, India


    Web/App Development
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India’s first experiential learning platform.

Project MyNT lets users book experiential learning capsules curated by industry experts across a myriad of subjects and skills. The MyNT platform gives students of all ages seamless access to their past, current and upcoming courses while giving the admin side a complete platform overview and detailed user insights.

The platform is built to adapt future business logic and scale with new features and products.

A one-stop-shop for all age groups to learn new skills and subjects.

The second most populated country in the world has one of the youngest median ages. This means there are hundreds of millions of people in search of their calling in life. With this realisation, Project MyNT came up with capsule courses where students can understand a new skill/subject, get exposure to the techniques and industry, and find out if it’s their next thing.

To achieve this, they need a user-friendly platform that could help the students browse, bag and avail new capsule courses. To the mentors, Team MyNT wanted to share an easy-to-manage dashboard that allowed them to prep their schedules, run curriculum and much more.

We first released the full-blown build of the platform in 2018 and have been managing the MyNT platform ever since.

project mynt

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