Glide Health

(acquired by McKesson - Part of the Top 10 Fortune 500 companies)

Product Development \ UI/UX Design \ Web/App Development

glide health

    Glide Health


    Palo Alto, CA


    Solutions Consulting, UI/UX Design, Data Engineering, Backend Engineering, Frontend Engineering, QA Engineering

Building healthcare revenue intelligence.

Glide Health is a comprehensive system of revenue intelligence that delivers AR and cash optimisation solutions for healthcare provider organisations.

The proprietary AI and ML models connect across operations and integrate with practice management solutions, billing and EHR systems to provide the right guidance to improve the revenue processes for the provider.

Think Glide Healthcare. Rethink Healthcare Revenue.

Spark Eighteen has been an integral part of the Glide Health journey, right from their stealth identity and website to the architectural design of the solutions.

Our focus has been to one-by-one approach the problems faced by healthcare provider organisations and build models and technologies to optimise processes to bring about paramount improvements in claim approvals and revenue drainage.

As part of Glide’s recent acquisition, Spark Eighteen was onboarded as an official vendor to McKesson. As a prerequisite for the onboarding procedure, it was necessary for our company to achieve ISO 22301 compliance and procure insurance coverage (Cyber security, Professional Indemnity, Commercial General Liability, etc.) amounting to USD 5 million.

glide health

Services Offered

  • Deployed an outsourced team of 13 engineers (comprising of backend, frontend, QA and MLOps engineers)
  • Data ingestion automation done using Airflow
  • Created OAuth 2.0-based authenticated RESTful APIs
  • OpenAPI 3.0 Specification implemented
  • Created custom SSO (single sign-on)
  • Selenium-based web scrapping done to fetch Payor and Health Plan data from market leaders like UnitedHealthcare, Humana Group, etc.
  • Automation done using Ansible to enable multiple agent and IP rotation-based scrapping with auto commissioning of EC2 spot instances.
  • HIPPA-compliant architecture developed using Amazon Cloud Services with a custom implementation of TDE (transparent data encryption) for PostgreSQL
  • Implemented MLOps to train and deploy predictive models
glide health

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