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    UI/UX Design, Frontend Engineering, QA Engineering

Enabling unprecedented
business process outcomes.

Live Objects is delivering the world’s first closed-loop business optimization solution platform that is focussed to accelerate the enterprise digital transformation journey.

Live Objects is a rapidly growing startup funded by The Hive, Palo Alto, CA, USA. It is co-founded be seasoned technology leaders like Sudipto Das Gupta (CTO, Live Objects; Official Member, Forbes Technology Council; (f) VP & Engineering Head, Platforms, Infosys) and Michael Reh (CPO, Live Objects; (f) CEO (Designate) & Board Member, EdgeVerve; (f) EVP & Global Head – Finacle, Infosys). Spark Eighteen has been a part of the Live Objects’ journey right from the beginning and it’s been a please to work side by side with the on-shore team and build the amazing detail in the product. From 2017 to the present day, we learn and conquer everyday

Structuring small, scattered processes can create a great impact.

We started working with Live Objects by understanding the process problems that a typical enterprise faces in today’s day and age. Since then, we’ve been involved in designing the product solution, engineering the right experience and creating the right scalable solution (by automating CI/CD processes with automation testing and more). We’re glad to be a part of the LO journey which has truly provided out-of-the-box solutions providing exponential value in digital transformation for today’s enterprises.

Not only has Spark Eighteen been involved in the product design and experience, but also the company identity and stealth marketing right from the day go. We look forward to learn more and conquer more everyday with Live Objects!

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