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The leading intelligent care enablement platform

Memora Health, the leading intelligent care enablement platform, helps clinicians focus on top-of-license practice while proactively engaging patients along complex care journeys.

Memora partners with leading health systems, health plans, and digital health companies to transform the care delivery process for care teams and patients. It digitizes and automates high-touch clinical workflows, supercharging care teams by intelligently triaging patient-reported concerns and data to appropriate care team members and providing patients with proactive, two-way communication and support.

Services Offered

Spark Eighteen’s innovative team has been instrumental in crafting revolutionary SaaS software geared towards aftercare programs and patient monitoring. At the core of our endeavour lies the development of an advanced AI chatbot, empowering patients to succinctly communicate their symptoms. Through the power of AI, this chatbot adeptly generates accurate responses. Whether it’s addressing a fever or any other concern, the AI-guided system provides crucial insights and necessary first-aid directives.

By spearheading the chatbot and overseeing the backend, our team bridges both backend and frontend aspects. We excel in end-user interactions, effectively managing administrative tasks while maintaining a client-facing approach. Our team is committed to ensuring a seamless experience for both end-users and backend administrators alike. Beyond the scenes, the team plays a crucial role in creating the software, particularly its client-facing applications. Together, we’re reshaping the landscape of patient care and medical assistance.