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Why a good design is important for your brand

As a marketer or a designer, one might know what impact can a visually pleasing design makes. A good design is much more than just a good logo or page layout. The importance of a good design goes much deeper than that. You might want to know what important role it plays as a marketing and branding tool.

Take Apple, for example. Apple, like any other big company, has played a hugely influential role in a way how products, applications, and websites are designed. For years, the company has effectively used design for its competitive advantage. Other companies like Airbnb and Xero are just more examples of design-led success.

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Here we list out some reasons for you to understand better:

It Will Drive Conversions

A good and creative design helps in driving conversions. A good design will not have any obstacles and difficulties that stop users from taking the desired action. It will help the users to understand conversions and take relevant actions.

Motivates The User To Take The Desired Action

Whether it is purchasing your product or availing your services, the high-quality design will motivate your target audience to take the desired action. One of the main features is that it intrigues any person who looks at it. This further creates a desire for the offering in the mind of the person.

Use innovative and creative tactics to help your audience understand how your product or service will help simplify their lives.

Apple, for instance, has been a master of this idea. While launching new products, they beautifully showcase it all on their website.

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Creates A User-Friendly Space

Connecting to users is important and should be easy. Your website needs to be very user-friendly which means, it needs to load faster, must be updated with the latest web technologies, etc. A good design might help you with that.

Also remember, that most users use their mobile devices to browse. Make sure your website’s design is mobile-friendly and is known with the format.

Creates A First And A Lasting Impression

Your website reflects your brand. So when users come in contact with your website, it comes in contact with you. They instantly judge your brand by your website design. This is how design helps you create that lasting first impression.

Fact: According to studies, it takes a mere 50 milliseconds for people to form an opinion about a website.

Think about what may attract your customers and take action accordingly. Create a trustworthy and uncluttered design so that way it is easier for your customers to navigate.

Go for bold (but not on your face) color choices and make your content stand out front.

Make sure the people who visit your website, come again and again.

Increases Your Website’s Visibility

There might be thousands of companies like yours reaching out to that one particular group of people through online marketing. What makes you stand out from them?

Your website needs to catch the attention of the right prospect and hold it. Your design may vary depending on the goals of your campaign and target audience.

Always remember, a good design communicates with your users and helps them understand more about you.

Consistent Design Make Users Recognize You

When you have a consistent and strong design, it helps users recognize you.

For example, take McDonald’s. We can recognize the golden arches of McDonald’s from very far.

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Consistency is important. Stick to the style, pattern, color scheme, etc rather than changing the layout now and then. It will create a more personal and loyal relationship between you and your customers.

Design, in the end, is the face of your brand on the internet.

Make it real and accurate. Make sure you show all the relevant things you want your customers to see out there. Make it bold but at the same time don’t make it complex.

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