Who should use wordpress to build their websites?


There are a lot of pros and cons for using WordPress, but certainly, the list of pros goes very long. Here are a few reasons why you should consider building your website on WordPress –

  1. It’s absolutely free. You may want to use a paid theme, but that’s optional.
  2. It’s optimised to get you the searchability everyone chases. It’s only about using a plugin and get everything included for your on-page SEO requirements.
  3. The support community for WordPress is huge. You can easily get help whenever you’re stuck!
  4. You can easily achieve your dream functionality by just adding the relevant plugins.
  5. Content management is very easy to handle, or train. So, 90% of your CMS issues are taken care off.
  6. WordPress takes security seriously.
  7. It further reduces cost, because you can essentially service your website yourself after you’ve got the hang of it.

At Spark Eighteen, we advice smaller tech operations to always create their first cut websites using WordPress. And our engineers are very quick in making your website and accompany it with a full demo for you to take over completely. You can leave your enquiry here.

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