What are the pros of using RoR backend APIs?


Rails is a development tool which comforts the developers by providing a framework, which in turn helps them to structurally build websites and applications by reducing redundancy and repetition of tasks. Rails are written in Ruby, which is the programming language. Developers usually like the elegance and terseness of this language, in other words – it’s clean to work with.


One of the main reasons to use RoR is the emphasis of RESTful application design (REST – Representative State Transfer), which is a style of software architecture within applications. It encourages a logical structure of work, which can be easily exposed to the APIs (Application Programming Interface).


Our developer can go all day talking about why it helps to have backend APIs on RoR. At times, we find it troublesome to get them to use any other technology (just kidding). Want to talk to them to understand better? Schedule a call with us. Click here!

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