What are the pros of using ReactJs front end technology?


One of the principal questions that usually arises while deciding the skeleton of your web application. ReactJs is a javascript framework which helps you build user interfaces. React’s existence is from Facebook, which was first implemented on its newsfeed in 2011 and further on Instagram in 2012. React have multiple pros which have made it eminent among other competitive technologies in a short span. Some of the important advantages are –

  1. JSX Framework – Helps developer quote using simpler Javascript and HTML within code line. Hence, it’s easier to grasp and simpler to learn.
  2. Native Development – In 2015 React Native was launched by Facebook, wherein the React components could be used to build native iOS, Android and Windows applications.
  3. Data Binding – React uses single way binding techniques which makes it easier to debug code.
  4. Testing – React applications are super easy to test.

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