How can offshore web development be beneficial for developed countries like US, Canada etc.?


Spark Eighteen has worked with clients in more than 10 countries till date, and the more we develop and deploy products, the better we understand the reason why this work structure helps companies to grow. Here are the findings, precautions and methods of implementation:

  1. Offshore development is the best way to add to your product resource runway. Lower costs mean more months of runway.
  2. Having a great and efficient Project Management System (PMS) is the key for your successful offshore development practices.
  3. With offshore development, work literally can happen for 24 hours a day, which means your product can be made at a faster pace with the right kind of structures in place.
  4. You get multiple teams to give you suggestions based on which you can take data lead decisions. You’ll be surprised how a single close bonded team can sometimes go in such wrong directions.
  5. You can create support around the clock.
  6. You can resource wise scale at a much faster rate and much lower cost.
  7. It’s advisable to start with your non-core technical part. For example, if you’re developing a backend heavy application – start with outsourcing your front end requirements to gain trust.
  8. It’s always advisable to spend on an offshore partner company rather than freelancers. Companies always take the responsibility of completion of work.

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