Why is NodeJS preferred as a back end technology over PHP?


PHP and NodeJS are different in various ways, but the primary reason to opt for NodeJS is its asynchronous nature of the code, which makes it preferred for large and scalable products. In simpler terms, NodeJS has the ability to run the entire code lines in one go and simultaneously has the processing speed that is way faster than that of PHP, which has a synchronous code line. Additionally, there are no code switches in NodeJS, unlike PHP where your code formats change and are to be managed for your Database, Server, FrontEnd operations. NPM (Node Package Manager), another functionality of NodeJs, makes it highly agile and maintainable.


It’s highly recommended to use NodeJS if you wish to scale your product. At Spark Eighteen, we host a brilliant geek team for PHP as well as NodeJS. Feel free to write to us here, and we’re happy to recommend you the technology stack you should be using.

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