Does youR business require Mobile Applications?


We’re not a big fan of FORCED Mobile Application Development and won’t recommend it just because everyone has a Mobile App. However, in certain applications, not having mobile applications can be suicidal for your product. Here is a quick checklist to judge whether you should build your mobile apps:

  1. Will the user use this app every day/frequently on a periodic basis? If yes, you need an application.
  2. Does your utility hold as much importance to the customer for him to spend the expensive space in his mobile device? If Yes, then go for it!
  3. Can your application solve the purpose with periodic updates? If not, you might have to think of an offline upload function or rethink building mobile applications.
  4. Do you have the infra to support all applications in a native/hybrid environment? Does all this infra (resources) match up to the results your applications get you?

If your results still suggest that you need a mobile application – we have our ears available to listen to your requirements and create the right scaled applications for you. Write to us here.

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