Is really content, the king?


The phrase ‘content is king’ was first coined by Bill Gates in Jan 1996 which was published on Microsoft’s website. But, does that still hold true?


Content is the presentation of information for an audience and has been dominating the online world for quite a time now. Brands and businesses go out of their ways to create new innovative content to engage their customers and grab their attention. It is the backbone of SEO. It builds trust and loyalty towards your audience as they feel connected to you via your unique, engaging content.


But, content has been overhyped by the marketers. In order to curate content, just for the sake of creating it, as, “Content is the king”, often marketers come up with stale, irrelevant content which adds up to the pool of content. This results in good, creative content being lost in the sea. It may be appropriate to rephrase a bit and say unique, relevant and engaging content is the KEY.


Again, just delivering great, unique content is not enough. You need to deliver this content at the right places to reach out new audiences and get more traffic on the website. Of course, this all would not be possible if there’s no fresh content in the place.


TIP: Always spend double the time to share your content and make sure it reaches the right audience than you took to create it!

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