How important is a brand’s identity?


When you create a business, the goal is to eventually reach a stage where people come to you for your quality and the portfolio that you’ve created. But thinking of the same, how do the customers recall that you exist with such quality in this market? The answer would be by building the right kind of brand which entails the visual image in terms of the logo, colours, fonts etc. and also the tone of voice that you maintain across your communication channels – be it your websites, e-mailers, social media platforms, digital ads or physical branding.

Spark Eighteen takes into account your consumers and industry to establish the right kind of identity for your brand. For example, brands like Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda etc. will always have a tone of red/orange in their visual communication (be it their Apps, their logos or Social Media ads), it’s essentially because psychologically the color red entices your taste buds, as and when you’re hungry.

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