Why building a custom backend is more beneficial than using an existing framework?


While building your web app using existing infrastructure like WordPress is a great start, in the long run, your dependency on the various theme or plug-in developers is quite large which can be an impediment. It means that any source failures of these plug-ins can result in your web app being hampered. Hence, once you’ve gained confidence in your minimum viable product – it’s advisable to shift to a custom developed backend for the following reasons –

  1. No structural dependency.
  2. No theme or plug-in dependency.
  3. Easier to build highly secure user access controls.
  4. Customised to your requirements, without having to make adjustments to previously 3rd party code.

Spark Eighteen works with you throughout your product lifecycle. It’s prudent to use backend frameworks to prove the viability of the product and further build a stable backend. We do it all, in-house!

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