What struck Deepak Solanki, Founder & CEO of Velmenni, as an epiphany in the summer of 2011, is now one of the greatest revolutionary technologies that reinvent how man communicates data. Velmenni, having developed Li-Fi, now comes among the top 5 most valued organizations in the world of wireless data transmission.


There’s more to Velmenni than just Li-Fi. It is the flagship product for the venture, sure, but it doesn’t end there for Velmenni. The core vision of the company is to build technologies through science and research, applicative across various verticals that conclusively result in absolute global empowerment.

The venture needed to identify themselves, as who they are, what their values are and align to the holistic vision of the company, not just the one product (Li-Fi). Further to this, Velmenni was born in Europe, brought up in India and took flight in UK. So it is a transnational organization.


Velmenni is a brand that was born in Europe, brought up in India, and took flight in UK which makes it a transnational organization. From a design sense, we considered it vital for them to have an ethnic representation that validated their identity through its roots and origins.

The logotype elementally focuses on light via the mnemonic’s build while the colors do their part. The strap line further complements the logotype and signifies its core technology as well as its primary characteristic – innovation!

Aha Moment!

In identity, don’t design for the brand, design for those who interact with the brand.

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