Based out of California, USA, Terraventures is a conglomerate disrupting the spaces of F&B, food tech, and real estate. Since its constitution in, Terraventures has expanded operations to multiple countries and is now converting into an intelligence-driven digital portfolio that transpires efficiency, sophistication and convenience to its consuming cosmos.


Having held steady ground in the industry for over years, the Terra group was in a dire need of a fresh, comprehensive outlook on their portfolio.

They wished to be identified for their business evolution rather than just their industry experience.

The transition happened from a traditional offline business to a smartened operational and servicing hub catering to thousands of customers every year, yet their last available web asset just didn’t convey the founding message.


Knowing that Terra Group is the parent entity of plenty of other businesses, its multifaceted nature of commerce deserved to be balanced with uniformity in the company’s collective vision for the world.

This perspective gave birth to a design theory that nestled the common vision of all ventures and was personalized to perfection.

Aha Moment!

As Neville Brody once said, digital designing is like painting, except the paint never dries. So keep iterating!

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