Terrabites is a pre-portioned meal delivery platform, providing meal kit service through subscriptions and independent orders to its consumers situated in California, USA. Causing a stir in the food-tech and delivery space, the venture’s agenda is to extend services across the United States while reintroducing the American consumer’s eating experience at home.


Team Terrabites reached out to us, craving for a beautifully designed experience for its end user that helped them decide what ends up on their plate. It’s essentially a digital marketplace where consumers can come to select and shop for meals or even schedule as much as the week-long meals according to their own taste and convenience. They also wished to anchor in heavy enticement through the most decorated Michelin Star Chefs that are active partners of the Terrabites family.


We concocted a robust data capturing and learning structure, completed with a sophisticated yet easy-to-use design experience. This further propels acquisition of the consumer’s behavior and trends that would help in building intelligent products, inspired by the consumer’s palette. As for the subscribers, we chose to display a unique user dashboard that, from Michelin 3 Start Chef How-To-Cook archives to fresh recipes, offers it all.

Aha Moment!

In the food industry, it’s all about adding ease and comfort to the life of your consumer. So focus on the experience and not just the luxuriance.

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