is a start-up in stealth mode focused on applying AI and Machine Learning to enable Autonomous Datacentres through automation of infrastructure support by Creating the largest knowledge graph in the industry by indexing and categorizing datacentre infrastructure from ITOM/ITSM tools, emails, logs, product/vendor documentation, forums, wikis and others.


Being a start-up in stealth mode, had a very strict budget and limited timeframe to get the website up and running. They wanted an intelligible and coherent design alongside a robust development.

Alongside, they wanted a product demonstration video with recording and annotations that describe the product in its entirety and which is comprehensible for the users.


An aesthetically good looking website which also contained the details of all the products along with the three solutions that offer. Moving background functionality was incorporated in the homepage design which is in line with the idea of AI.

A demo video which provides the company introduction and talks about the product landscape and solutions offered by was developed.

Peritus portfolio 1 Peritus portfolio 5

Aha Moment!

A website should resonate with the brand and its identity. Consistency in all the online assets is the way to move forward.

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