Situated right in the heart of California, Pedro’s Restaurant is a colorful Mexican eatery that has been fueling the foodies with its delicacies since 1972 and continues to do so out of its two prime locations in the Golden State – Santa Clara and Los Gatos.


As an age-old food haven, they felt the need to make themselves more accessible, allowing the regulars to do anything and everything their mind could imagine but above all else, to communicate with its loyalists and community on the go.

A subtle system of interaction that, from catering to dine-in reservations, serviced as a one-stop portal for all its customers.


The website is the face of a brand. If the design of it is empathetic and in sync with the visitor’s mind, then one can expect the quickest and seamless interactions and conversions. This is precisely how we carved out their UX. Meanwhile, the construct of the theme allowed for a vivid view of the restaurant and the environment it offered.

By the end of it, we had a neatly designed mobile view-led website, displaying an overall brand promise that left all its potential visitors drooling for more.

Aha Moment!

Visuals play the most important role for a restaurant’s website. Strive to turn the experience into a virtual palate pleaser. Bon Appétit!

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