LIVIT is configured as a rich and flexible bathroom vanity that is expressed with personalized and elegant finishes. LIVIT vanities allow for compact dream bathrooms where the daily ritual of washing is a beautiful and harmonious experience between man and water. LIVIT vanities also create a niche washing area in powder rooms which makes them inviting, functional and a bang for your buck.


LIVIT as a brand believes in the sanctity of their field and is always striving to provide its customer base with the finest of experiences. They specialize in providing the highest quality of Stainless Steel vanities that take their users through a luxurious affair.

Their desire was to be visually represented as a brand that caters services to a select sect of the market. It’s a brand for those who crave a visual of splendour in their bathing spaces while representing the exquisite taste and vision the brand has for its products.


The LIVIT logotype was designed with the objective of displaying a coherent, congruous and standout identity. It cloisters innovation, the brand’s design appeal, it’s lush psyche and the uncompromising quality it offers through years of mastery and artistry.

The design sense was brought to complete fruition with the colour palette that was mustered for an elegant finish and unique finesse.

Aha Moment!

As long as every detail and decision reinforces your brand’s intent, it’ll not only convey the what but also the why and the how.

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