Live Objects continuously transforms customers’ business processes through AI-driven process discovery, design and process engineering. These are based on optimized sequence patterns mined from business objects, user-behavior, cases and transactions across all process variations.


Live Objects needed a website to showcase their expertise and three main products in a clean and minimalist design alongside a backend dashboard which imbibe the same design philosophy but with incredible functionality and process which can enrich their existing business flows and reduce the effort.

Alongside the website, Live Objects wanted to develop the brand identity for itself which included developing the brand guidelines, logo and other collaterals.


After long research, our team zeroed down on the brand colours that correspond to the AI industry and developed various renditions for their logo that can be reprocessed for the various platform.

Following with the brand guidelines and identity, we created a responsive website showcasing their industry expertise and various products that Live Objects provide. We went ahead and created a dashboard to implement the process optimization and that automates the adjustment of a new attribute that enters the system.

Aha Moment!

A clean and comprehensible design is the key to the success of a website for an Artificial Intelligence product.

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