What was founded in a one-car garage is now a raging multi-national information technology company. HP, having developed and provided a variety of hardware and software related products for more than 7 decades now, has evolved as a phenomenon, guiding the world towards the newer age of new age technology.


With such an expansive nature and global reach, the brand owes the world an all-time active and exclusive junction of information and engagement across digital media.

For them, the desire for reinvention is common for all things; be it technology or consumer lifestyle. With a following of around 6 million across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, it is always in need of thought provoking and engaging content. What comes as a constant need for them is an insight-led outlook on their interaction with the local and the global audiences.


Our solution was direct and in line with the brand’s expectations.

Sharing objective-defined social media campaigns for newline products and offers that accurately portrayed them as the technologically advanced business they are. Moreover, while leveraging the behaviour of the target market, we constantly produced alluring digital content. This helped them in retaining the customer base as well as acquiring new leads through widespread interaction.

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