The Reshotel is managed and led by a bunch of entrepreneurs with decades of expertise in the domains of travel, hospitality, and technology. Currently bringing their knowledge and experience together with the Reshotel mobile platform, they’re revolutionizing the hospitality and travel experience for business and customers alike.


With an agenda to liberate the current hospitality industry, Reshotel was keen on building a platform for hoteliers, allowing them to create a responsive and immersive website for their own small and budget hotels via the Reshotel mobile platform.


Our UI/UX maestros and techies, after doing their homework, concluded that the biggest pain points that Reshotel could service and optimise in the market from a user point of view were the assurance of security while paying out and the lack of engagement when it came to previewing the hotel options (for small and budget hotels). Before defining the interfaces of the website options, our team went through a long process of User Experience Research. We decided to render two variants in the website options with a color palette to choose from. The designs were made while keeping them thematic to the industry and coiling them in a sober yet sophisticated interface that would further embellish their appeal in the listings.

Intentions of a User visiting a Hotel Website

Aha Moment!

It’s not just about designing something well, but how well the design influences your ideal visitor.

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