Geminus is the world’s first industrial process-centric digital twin product that delivers self-optimized design, predictive operational intelligence and asset performance enhancement to operators and engineering service providers. Geminus integrates with operational data through SCADA systems, historian software, sensor gateways and enterprise asset management to trigger physics-constrained AI modelling.


Being in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry that propels industrial design and processes, Geminus wanted to develop a website that would portray their brand in the true sense and that is also coherent with their brand voice.

Moreover, there was a need to create a dashboard that would run smoothly and support the inventory of inferred solutions and that would be integrated with their modelling platform on the website.


After understanding the in-depth industry collateral, we devised a strategy of making a website that would communicate the nature of the company, showcasing the importance of the service being offered.

Understanding the user persona of the website, we created coherent UI that would introduce them to the modelling platform.

Geminus portfolio 6

Aha Moment!

Web design is not just about creating pretty layouts. It’s about understanding the marketing challenge behind the business and solving it.

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