FIL is a diverse organization with interests in Agriculture, Food & Beverage, Infrastructure development and Hospitality. All of the subsidiaries of FIL are brought together by a common vision which is to create newer, better & modern inventions that seek to systematically service the whole of the market; traders & consumers alike.


Having been on the market for over 28 years now, FIL deserved a redecoration of their identity and web asset. There was a disparity between how they have grown as a parent entity of prominent subsidiaries when compared to their overall representation as a group company.

The ask was to be relooked at, reimagined for and reworked as a well-recognized consortium alive across multiple brands and subsidiaries that was serving millions of Indians, for the better.


The identity was revamped and reintroduced as a symbol of ascension, a denotation of the brand’s commitment towards the environment, and the natural compound of all three syllables that represent the group, FIL.

Their vernacular was reiterated on. What is being communicated now to the world is much more balanced, equipped and contemporized content that’s a transparent and cool splash of their heritage, history, and legacy.

Aha Moment!

Coaction, communication, and consistency are the 3 pillars to revamping a diversified conglomerate.

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