Blippar is a visual discovery app, using augmented reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence to bring the physical world to life through smartphones and wearables. The young venture is considered as a unicorn, having an evaluation of over $1 billion and brand partners like PepsiCo, Jaguar and more. Their target was and remains to aggressively expand their user base towards more countries and continents in the years to come.


As a widely available application, their direct aim was and is to acquire more users in their target market while engaging with them through enticing and instigative content that impacts the app’s usage and downloads.

The secondary priority was to have their brand defined better through cross-breed (offline to online) brand marketing that further educed interaction on digital and social media platforms.


On digital, the creative dialect of a brand is key. Keeping in mind the evolving behaviour of digital users, we offered periodic and topical awakened marketing strategies and luring content with objectives varying from app downloads to user retention.

We sketched creative dialogues that capitalized on the consumers that spend time browsing social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter by leveraging content marketing that helped build the base towards more downloads and user engagement.

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