11 June 2020

by Spark Eighteen

Youtube VS TikTok: which one to prefer for marketing?


The internet is fighting a new class of war currently. No, this doesn’t have to do anything with politics, but with content, creativity, and clicks. Youtube vs TikTok is allegedly the hottest topic of debate among netizens.

The Background

Recently, YouTuber CarryMinati who has almost 18 million subscribers, uploaded a video titled “YouTube VS TikTok: The End”. In the video, he talked about short-form content creation on TikTok versus long-form videos on YouTube.

The video became an internet sensation overnight, getting the YouTuber over 26 million views, 6 million likes, and an additional million subscribers! CarryMinati broke all records in 24 hours.

But, it wasn’t soon enough that the video was removed by YouTube.

The reason? People have assumed that it was the YouTuber’s comments and use of certain terms that made YouTube remove the video based on the platform’s harassment policy. Although, the reason has still not been confirmed.

The incident not only triggered fans but also severely impacted TikTok’s app store rating.

tiktok ratings


This led to a whole series of debates and comments from both sides of parties over social media.

While the battle is on-going…

It’s important to note that this isn’t the only incident where YouTube and TikTok tussle.

As you would know, both videos and influencers have taken marketing by storm these days. This has made marketers search for authentic platforms where they can easily find both.

And what better than YouTube and TikTok? 

However, deciding which video platform suits your brand and message can be a daunting task, and choosing the wrong platform may lead to disastrous results.

And we are sure you don’t want that!

So let’s help you choose the better platform!

We all know about Youtube. It has been the king for online videos ever since its inception in 2005.

But, you cannot take TikTok loosely! Being in the market for such a short time, it has already gained a lot of eyeballs and engagement.

It’s important to note that both of them are different in their ways. What you plan to execute on YouTube, might not work on TikTok and vice versa.

So looking at this Youtube vs TikTok controversy, how will you decide which one’s suitable for your marketing strategy?

Let’s find out!

Marketing On YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing platform that allows users to upload, view videos, and subscribe to the channels.

Youtube stats


When it comes to marketing, YouTube is not as popular as compared to other platforms like Instagram and Facebook. But, the pace at which it is growing, the platform has become hard to ignore – especially over the last few years.

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youtube marketing

Source: Forbes


Are you considering YouTube for marketing? Here are some of its benefits and drawbacks you should keep in mind:


  • Upload Videos Of Your Desired Length: Your YouTube video can be as short or as long as you want it to be. Hour-long seminars, speeches, online classes, or just a mini video of a quick hack – bring them on!

However, you need to go through YouTube’s verification process first, since without it you’re only limited to 15-minute long videos.

Not only that but once verified you can get access to live-streaming and adding custom thumbnails to your videos too!

  • Be Seen On Search Page: If you have searched for things in the past, you would know how YouTube videos appear on the first page itself! How great is that?

But, it isn’t easy. Keep in mind that your content has to be authentic and valuable.

be seen on search page



  • Make Money With Google AdSense: The main way you can make money through YouTube is by promoting your business. However, did you know that you can also make money by just posting a video on YouTube?

Google AdSense makes it possible!

How does it work?

Google AdSense works through ads. When a user watches your video and clicks on an ad, you get money from it.

The simple way is to start monetizing your videos for these ads to automatically show-up.

To monetize your videos, all you need is:

Once your channel is approved for monetization, you can run and see ads running on your YouTube videos.


  • Videos require a higher production value: In order to get users’ attention, your videos need to have high production value.

Most of the popular creators on YouTube like Pewdiepie and Dude Perfect have a designated set-up or high-budget equipment for their YouTube videos.

  • The Algorithm: YouTube’s algorithm only favors channels that are consistent or post longer videos. So to be seen here, you need to devote some extra time to this platform.

Take T-series for example! The music channel is the most subscribed channel on the platform with over 139 million subscribers currently. T-series keeps up with the YouTube algorithm by posting videos almost every day.


Fun Fact: T-series is the first YouTube channel to hit 100 million subscribers.



Source: Youtube


  • Slow Growth: Growth on YouTube typically happens at a much slower rate as compared to any other platform. It takes months and even years to build a channel with a substantial amount of subscribers, videos, and views.

Take Bhuvan Bam for example! The YouTuber has been uploading short videos on his YouTube channel “BB Ki Vines” since 2015. It was only in 2016, that he went viral for one of his videos and reached 2 million subscribers – eventually becoming the fastest growing Indian channel.

bb ki vines

Source: Youtube


Marketing On TikTok

You’d be lying if you say that you haven’t watched any TikTok videos in the past.

How can one ignore them? They are everywhere now!

tiktok stats


If you didn’t already know, TikTok is the child of two Chinese apps known as Douyin and Musically. The app has it’s growing audience in Asia and West respectively.

tiktok download stats

Source: Oberlo

With the app, you can make short videos and combine them with music, filters, and effects.

Why is the app so popular?

One reason why TikTok is immensely popular among young people is that it is easier to create and promote content here.

One of India’s leading TikTok stars, Faisal Sheikh, started by uploading 14-15 short videos per day on the platform. Out of these, only some use to do well. But, it was this consistency and dedication that he started getting seen by people. Currently, he has over 28 million followers on TikTok.

Faisal sheikh tiktok


So are you thinking about taking your business to TikTok?

Here are a few things to keep in mind before starting:


  • The Platform Is Full Of Creators: Since TikTok requires low budget short-length videos, there are innumerable creators available out there – which makes it easier to find and contact them.
  • Connect To A Young Audience: It is important to keep in mind that a large population on TikTok includes Generation Z demographics.

Almost 41% of TikTok users are aged between 16-24. (source: Oberlo)

So if you are a brand that wants to connect or target a younger audience, TikTok is just perfect for you!

  • Larger Engagement:  People on the app love challenges! The platform has seen a greater engagement when it comes to challenges and hashtags.

Lifebuoy Karona tiktok


In the pandemic situation, Lifebuoy initiated an awareness campaign reminding people to “wash their hands like a boss”.  The brand reached out to popular celebrities and creators like Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Awez Darbar. The hashtag #LifebuoyKarona has over 50 billion views on the app currently.

Not only Lifebuoy but brands like OLX, Flipkart, and Center Fruit have also run successful campaigns on the app before.


  • Length: The biggest drawback of TikTok is that you cannot post longer videos! You can create a maximum of a 15-second video on the app. However, it also allows you to string up to four videos together for a total of 60 seconds.
  • TikTok Removing Videos: TikTok recently found itself in hot water for censoring perfectly appropriate videos for no apparent reason. Since there is no one to reach out to, as the customer service is barely existent, users are facing a lot of problems.


Given are the pros and cons of the two most popular video creating platforms in the world. Now, it’s up to you to decide which one is suitable for your brand message.

What are your thoughts on the Youtube vs TikTok controversy? Let us know in the comments below!

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