30 September 2020

by Edwin Deponte

Why is web design still relevant today


When it comes to establishing a strong and compelling presence on the Internet, there are several things that you need to consider. For online marketers, setting up an online presence never ends in merely creating a basic website for a business or company, especially in today’s current situation. Here we will talk about the importance of web design and why it is still relevant today.

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A lot of people right now are probably staying home due to the ongoing pandemic, so what does this even mean for the digital marketing sector?

Now that most people are stuck indoors, there’s a decrease to no chance of actually getting to go out to buy one’s basic needs and other essentials. While most people are forced to practice self-quarantine at home, the eCommerce industry is left on the frontlines. What does this mean for businesses under such an industry?

The opportunity to establish an even more compelling online presence.

Now that people can’t get out of the house, they will most likely search on the Internet. And it could be about the most random things. Content has just become more crucial than it ever was.

There are various elements that can lead to a successful online presence, most especially in today’s situation. So here’s why web design is still relevant today:

Your design sets the first impression

web design first impression

Your web design is most likely, and obviously, the first thing users will see upon entering your website. This, then, gives them the first impression of your business, and in these few seconds, you’ll want to provide a positive and the best impact on your audience.

Today’s pandemic urges people to spend more time on the Internet, browsing over whatever content they think will be helpful or entertaining as they live in temporary isolation.

If your website looks dull and unappealing from the very first contact of a user, chances are, you could lose potential clients in just a snap. You’ll definitely miss out on leads, and this also robs you of the opportunity to generate sales.

In the end, users will click out of your web page only to find themselves navigating through your competitor’s site, which has a much more evident and user-friendly design and interface.

Your design affects your website’s SEO

A lot of web design trends and practices today significantly affect a business’s SEO efforts in many ways. So, this is clearly one thing you cannot afford to neglect nor mess up.

If from the start, your on-page SEO efforts are already too weak, accompanied by poor web design, then you’ll have to bid goodbye to your hopes of securing the top spot in search engine rankings. It’s going to be a tough battle for visibility.

Make sure your design efforts and elements align well with your SEO strategy. Web design can be pretty hard to understand, especially if you’re only just beginning to get the hang of it, but right at the top of your head, you have to remember that an effective website makes use of SEO-friendly codes.

Your design helps you keep up with competitors

web design poor ux

Having a professionally-designed website gives you enough competitive advantage. As previously mentioned, a good design gives you a good first impression among users visiting your page.

If you equip your website with enough information accompanied by all the latest design trends, rest assured that you’re way ahead of your competition. Amateur sites often tend to give the impression that one lacks credibility.

Your design helps to boost revenue

Need we say more? A professional and well-designed website will attract visitors all the more. And this ultimately helps boost a business’ revenue.

Your web design serves as the frontline of your company’s online presence; hence, it’s crucial that you invest in it for you to get excellent returns in the long run.

Your design helps you save money

Having a professionally-designed website from the very start prevents you from constantly trying to look for the “perfect” fit, therefore helping you save money on unnecessary research and hiring multiple web designers.

Make sure you stick with minimalism and simplicity yet user-friendliness from the beginning, so you don’t have to keep on changing just because one design is out of season.

Wrapping Up

Above all, having a good website design during a pandemic ultimately helps users navigate through a company’s website with ease.

Many people only have one agenda these days, and that is to immediately get what they’re looking for on the Internet. Messy and all-over-the-place web design will only make them click out of your website.

If you are looking to revamp your website, feel free to reach us.

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