13 July 2020

by Spark Eighteen

Top 5 Indian brands that are winning social media


Brands on social media want nothing more than to make an impact on their audience’s lives, loved by them and make plenty of sales. But only some are able to bask in the glory of it all.

Social media can feel like a madhouse where everyone is out to get you, especially for the brands who are just starting out.

To be honest. there’s nothing wrong with that. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are helping customers interact with brands on a personal level. If brands don’t utilize the power these platforms have, they’ll be missing out on some big opportunities, not just in the present but also the future.

Worried about your brand’s presence on social media? Here’s a quick list of brands that will probably inspire you.

For us, the top 5 Indian brands who according to us are crushing it on social media are:

1. Netflix India

The US-based streaming platform has changed the way the world watches content. The same dominance can be seen on their social media as well.

Awesome humour and wit while low-key promoting existing and upcoming series/films – that’s Netflix for you.

netflix india money heist

They also never fail to constantly engage with their audience. Asking them questions, replying to their comments, or sometimes hitting them with comebacks that ooze personality. All-in-all, Netflix India’s social media accounts are as entertaining as their platform’s content!

netflix india comment

2. Zomato

Zomato is an international food delivery app with a top-notch social media presence. Zomato is one of those brands on social media that know how to build everything back to their niche – food, and they know their audience perceptibly well. Hence, they nail the content with every single post, response or comment that the brand makes.

They audaciously play around with trends and topicals, adding their exclusive humour which just grips every foodie, troll and foodie trolls out there – that’s literally 90% of the online population of the world!

zomato india post

And not to forget, the way they engage on every platform with fellow brands!

amazon zomato


3. Nike

You don’t have to be an avenue for comedy to be creative on social media and Nike is a perfect example of that!

Nike is not just popular because of its in-style trending products but also for the way they choose to share their brand message on social media. Athletes all around the world are representing Nike sharing their personal stories and messages. Athletes like Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, and Cristiano Ronaldo have shared motivational, inspirational, and heartening messages through the brand’s social media pages.


Not only that but they’ve used their Facebook page into different product categories so that they can focus on specific audiences.

4. Swiggy

Swiggy is another online food delivery portal that uses social media to engage with their customers with some of the most creative content and innovative strategies.

Seriously. Their ideas are simple yet insanely effective! For instance, they periodically highlight the best comments from their posts to their Instagram bio. Did you know that?


Swiggy steps up with its game everyday. Every content piece that’s put out is hysterical, quick, easy and quirky. No wonder people love the brand.

swiggy instagram

Spin-offs on millennial slangs, memes, food puns, minimal designs and awesome take on topicals and trends – Swiggy has concocted a social media mix of content and affinity that brands would die to have!

5. Bewakoof.com

Bewakoof is an Indian online clothing brand.

The brand has been around for almost a decade now. They’ve taken entire journeys with social platforms, some that died and some that evolved. Over the years, it has come up with some of the most creative and varied content for the masses.

Fun fact: Bewakoof’s social media game is so strong that on multiple occasions when brands and competitors used similar content,  they still couldn’t manage to get the level of attention and engagement as Bewakoof.

The brand’s personality and appeal are quite evident in the content.


Another part of Bewakoof’s leading online presence is the campaigns they run. They have this vast and hard network of influencers (mostly lifestyle and fashion) that not only have high engagement rates but have also become brand’s advocates and ambassadors. 


These were the top 5 Indian brands that according to us are killing it with their social media game.

In the end, social media is nothing but a way to reach the right customers with as much as appeal as you can. As long as brands on social media are feeding their audience with authenticity and creativity, they’ll always be there to engage with the brand.

Want to add to the above list? Which brand’s killing it on social media for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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