26 June 2020

by Spark Eighteen

Things social media managers need to keep in mind during coronavirus


The world is facing some major challenges currently. We may often find ourselves wondering if there is any hope left for a better tomorrow? If you have opened the blog reading the title, chances are you’re a social media manager looking for answers on how to manage social media during coronavirus along with other challenges in your work during uncertain times like these.

We’ll not go into many details about the coronavirus since social media, news channels, and others are already keeping pace.

No, we’re not going to add up to the load.

As a social media manager, you might face a lot of challenges entering the new-reality, which is COVID-19. What you need to keep in mind right now is the behavior and reaction of your audience during this time.

With work from home and social distancing becoming a new reality over the globe, individuals might find themselves forced into new habits and routines. For example, social media popularity is growing among users more than ever.

According to Smart Insights, “Social media users are now spending an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes per day multi networking across an average of 8 social networks and messaging apps.”

No doubt about the fact of why and how this is happening.

What steps should you as a social media manager should take during these dodgy times? Here we tell you. Hold on tight!

Conversations > Conversions

If you’re already not initiating conversations through your social media during coronavirus, you’re probably already playing the game wrong.

Times like these, especially, calls for more conversation than ever. Although we agree, being a little salesy during this time would do no harm, but don’t make that your only goal.

Connect with your audience through social media comments and direct messages. You can also join a Facebook/Twitter community or group, or make one yourself.

For driving conversions, start leveraging your e-mail channels and let social media do what it does the best: Connecting.

Build/Use Your Community

This is the best time to start focusing on your social media community. No lies!

Build your community. Start interacting with industry-relevant influencers, businesses, NGOs, and other people. You can easily find influencers relevant to your industry through Facebook groups and Reddit boards.

With the help of this community, you can then create amazing content for your social media during coronavirus.

Educational and value-driven content is highly appreciated among online audiences. Try and create value through what you make.

Pro tip: You can even ask your fellow employees to create content with you. In a way, they are a part of the community as well!

Re-Evaluate What You Post

We are living in times where every hour there is a new story pumping up the headlines.

The story or the post that you planned to schedule at a particular time, might become irrelevant by the time it’s up.

We’d say, take a quick look at the calendar you planned for the upcoming month. What are the things you think need to re-consider at the moment? Pause them.

You cannot predict what is happening next.

Also with work from home being a norm currently, work hours have become more flexible. Your audience may come online at any given point of the day. So scheduling your post for a particular time must be reconsidered.

Post Only When Important

You need to understand that while pausing your social media post you are not discarding them, but keeping them aside.

This is no time to frivolously post just because you’ve marked it on the social media calendar for the month.

After all, your social media post must have a purpose. Are we correct?

Ask yourself questions when planning out a particular post:

  • What value is this post driving?
  • Will my audience connect to this?
  • What specific behavior or change are we trying to operate through this?
  • How will it enlighten my audience?

This is very important because right now your only aim is to serve your audience while not becoming too needy for clicks and sales.

Schedule Online Interactions

This is the perfect opportunity to experiment and try new formats to engage with your audience if you have never done something like this before.

The live videos are great! Real-time conversations and interactions. Why would you not love them?

Live streaming is not only great to engage with your existing audience during this time but also to attract new people to your page.

We are now living in a reality where people are hosting events and shows online. But really, do we even remember a time when we have to literally step out of our houses to attend such events?

Live-streaming is now not just for gamers or popular celebrities but for your social media handle too!

Take full advantage of it.

In conclusion:

We agree. It has become difficult to be responsible for all the social media activities in your company or organization But looking at a more positive aspect, these are the times when you can show your actual potential to learn, inspire and educate people with relevant content. You just have to keep the above things in mind.

Stay consistent, Avoid any missteps. Your role is pivotal to your company’s growth currently.

Also, We have created an In-depth Work-From-Home guide to increasing your productivity while you work from home. Go check it out Now!

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