28 October 2020

by Spark Eighteen

6 Simple startup ideas that turned into Million-Dollar businesses


The fledgling entrepreneurs who come up with innovative ideas and then drive in the desire to make that happen with the help of investments and other necessary help are working as the backbone of our economy. Big corporations like Microsoft and Apple came out as ideas as well and look where they are now. Here, we will talk about 6 successful startups in the world that started with a simple idea and turned into million-dollar businesses.

Table of content:

  1. Facebook
  2. Apple
  3. Amazon
  4. Airbnb
  5. Slack
  6. Khan Academy

Most of the time people take a step back before executing their ideas and the fear of failure and being uncertain about their decision prevents them to start their own venture.

Starting a business doesn’t take a lot of work if you have a great idea and a zeal to turn it into a reality. However, a successful company not always require the most innovative concept. When you are solely dedicated to your startup, you can even turn a simple startup idea into a multi-dollar business.

Don’t believe us?

Here are 6 successful startups in the world that started with a simple idea and turned into million-dollar businesses:

1. Facebook

facebook successful startups in the world

Started off as a social media platform aiming to connect Harvard students through an online community, Facebook is now one of the most powerful social networks in the world boasting approximately 2.7 billion monthly users.

Although, online directories that featured pictures of students alongside some information about them already existed at American colleges and universities at the time. These were popularly known as “face books”.

Zuckerberg decided to come up with making one exclusively for Harvard students. Finally, “The Facebook” came into being by Zuckerberg and co-founders Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. The exclusivity factor worked well while the network adapted a more mature layout over the years, and the rest is history.

2. Apple


Apple is arguably one of the most valuable tech companies globally with a market value of over $2 trillion. In 1976, college dropouts pledged to change the way people viewed computers by making computers small and easy enough.

It’s often hard to believe that the first Apple computer was built in a small garage in Cupertino, California. The idea of a user-friendly computer revolutionized Apple. The company also introduced the first-ever color graphics.

apple sales

The company truly defines that a simple change in design can do wonders for your business.

3. Amazon

amazon successful startups in the world

Just like Apple, Amazon is another company that was way ahead of its time. At a time where people could easily visit the nearest bookstore to buy books, a website that sells them online wasn’t much big of a deal.

However, the results were shocking. Turns out a lot of people wanted a virtual bookstore. In just a month of its launch, Amazon sold books all over the United States and in other 45 different countries.

Slowly and gradually, Bezos worked towards his vision of making his company dominate eCommerce by selling almost everything – and look where it stands today!

4. Airbnb


Although short-term rentals weren’t a new thing, Airbnb strengthened the business by giving it a notion of home-sharing. Airbnb was founded on the simple idea that revolutionizing online accommodation. Back in 2007, when co-founders and housemates Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia were struggling to pay their rent, they came up with an inventive way of making some extra money by deciding to turn their loft into a lodging space.

They notice that there was a design conference coming to town and since all the hotels were booked, they set up a simple website with pictures of their loft-turned-lodging space. This site won them their first three customers, each paying $80.

After the first weekend, they started receiving emails from around the world asking when the site would be available in places like Buenos Aires, London, and Japan.

Today the company promotes people-to-people connections in 220+ countries and with over 62 languages. Someone has said it right, necessity is indeed the mother of innovation.

5. Slack


Companies were already using email platforms to communicate with one another and manage work. Slack didn’t add anything new to the company culture. However, according to Slack creators, the main reason behind marketing the app was noticed that 70 to 80 percent of companies didn’t have a designated tool for internal communication. They decided to fill in the gap by launching Slack.

Now the billion-dollar company has scaled up to teams of all sizes and has offered integration with dozens of other tools.

6. Khan Academy

khan academy

Back in 2004, Sal Khan opened Khan Academy to provide remote tutoring to his cousin. As the news ran through the rest of the family members and more people started taking interest in Khan’s lessons, he made them available publicly on YouTube.

People around the world started watching Khan’s short video explanation and found them helpful. They demanded more videos. In 2009, Khan devoted all his time to educating people through his videos and growing Khan Academy. He created a website that featured online courses that anyone can with just internet access.

khan academy subscribers

We hope that these inspiring and successful startups in the world encouraged you aspiring business owners to breakthrough. Feel free to contact us for further queries.

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