2 January 2018

by Aayush Narang

Social media marketing trends you can’t afford to miss in 2018!


You might have read a lot of articles that talk about social media trends, marketing techniques, strategies for 2018 or the platforms you should be focusing on.

But has anyone told you which social media marketing trend should you be applying for each platform?

Leveraging a social media trend on a platform that would fetch you the most ROI is what might be missing from your marketing action plan.

I. Facebook — Video Content and Live Streaming

First things first. Why should you move to video content?

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And then,

For its visual appeal.

The smartphone generation today prefers to view more of visual content. With the telecom brands bringing 4G internet into play, people have started watching more videos than ever.


The most common thing amongst millennials today is — FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. Brands have started to channelize that by opting for live streaming and live videos, they can have maximum people engage with them.

For instant gratification.

Opening live feedback from the audience, live videos prove as instant gratification for a brand.

Brands Who Leveraged The Live Video Trend And Made The Cut

Buzzfeed had more than 600,000 people watching two of their employees try and crush a watermelon by putting rubber bands around it, for over 45 minutes!

Talk about the power of a mere WATERMELON.

II. Instagram — Stories, Ephemeral Content and Influencer Marketing

While Snapchat stories continue to work their magic, it’s the Insta stories that are reigning over people’s feed.

And, why do they work?

Launched in 2016, Instagram Stories had 100 million daily active users in just 2 months, pushing all means of traditional marketing away.

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Having rolled out an all-new feature recently — Stories Highlights (creating permanent collections of Instagram Stories that live beyond 24 hours on your profile), brands could focus on extending their campaigns and promotions beyond 24 hours now along with re-engaging people around the best-performing stories content.

In the Gen Z and millennial generation, where people are busy posting selfies, videos or memes on Instagram stories, brands could leverage storytelling by positioning their brand story in between those selfies.

Ephemeral content.

With ephemeral content (content that disappears in 24 hours) and digital storytelling soaring, Instagram has carved out a great way for brands to showcase their personality, learn about their target audience and repurpose content through stories.

The short lifespan of Instagram story content helps build engagement and curiosity among people.

Influencer marketing.

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With influencer marketing trend (including paid partnerships, podcasts, video reviews, and lifestyle blogs) soaring, social media influencers dramatically impact viral trends and shopping patterns.

Having said that, the coming of Generation Z, their exquisite purchasing power and their relationship with influencers, brands could really focus on turning the influencer marketing curve on Instagram in their favor.

Brands Who Leveraged Instagram Stories Successfully

Airbnb used Instagram Stories to generate buzz around its latest offering — Experiences on Airbnb — leading to an impressive double-digit lift in ad recall.

Talk about encouraging people to book an offline experience through an online experience.

III. Twitter — Hashtag Marketing and Online Reputation Management

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While the increase in Twitter’s character limit from a 140 to a 280 was a milestone for many, the major trend for Twitter in 2017 was marketing and social activism through hashtags.

From gamification of hashtags and creating unique value exchanges between users to hashtags unifying, fuelling and guiding a movement, Twitter had it all.

Cut to 2018 and we could see hashtags becoming more dominant. Alongside, brands could utilize Twitter as a more effective platform for ORM (Online Response Management).

How you’ll ask?

  • By listening to everything good and bad — Using online tools to monitor what people are writing about your brand online.
  • Focusing on live trends — Both positive and negative.
  • Leveraging Twitter for your crisis management strategy — Twitter could help you get out facts and other information through your official account as soon as possible and Google will place them alongside negative conversations going on Facebook and other networks.

So, make the most of it!

IV. LinkedIn — More Content, More Video, More Networking

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Introducing features like LinkedIn Pulse and LinkedIn Video, the platform has been able to give people accessibility of organic content on their feeds, helping brands establish themselves as a content-first social media platform and deliver video content to millions every day.

In the social media era where people are focused on making new connections, LinkedIn is leaving no stone unturned to do exactly that with its exclusive invite-only Influencer Program.

A fast-growing network and regular roll out of exciting features could surely make LinkedIn an amazing investment for both marketers and brands in 2018.

Talking about other social media trends, we also have brands coming up to pace with Augmented Reality.

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If done correctly, it could change the way people look at storytelling, media relations, content marketing and customer experiences.

Take Facebook for example. They’ll be soon rolling out their product, Spaces, scheduled for 2018, that would help people connect with their friends in VR.

While Facebook gears up, Snapchat and Instagram aren’t far behind. They’re expected to roll out filters that would make it possible for people to take selfies with their friends/celebrities while brands could soon be able to project their products in the homes of social media users via augmented reality.

In the race to make AR/VR the next social media giant, we might just be able to see all social media platforms battling it out in 2018. Or we might just see a completely new platform nailing this trend!

So, ditch the usual. Target platforms for maximum ROI and let your brand make the most of these social media trends in 2018!

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Aayush Narang

Aayush Narang is the founder of Spark Eighteen Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. He is a startup evangelist, entrepreneur, business and tech enthusiast.
Aayush Narang

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