23 July 2020

by Spark Eighteen

Most innovative social media campaigns of 2020


Today, at the heart of any brand’s digital strategy, no matter how big or small, lie the creativity and campaigns they have to offer, and this year brands are kicking it up a notch! Listed down are some of the most innovative and inspiring social media campaigns of 2020 so far! Maybe they’ll spark something new for your brand!

Table of content:

  1. Pulse’s #PulsePePulse Challenge
  2. Hershey’s India #ThatsWhatWeSaid
  3. Burger King’s Moldy Whopper Campaign
  4. Zoom’s Virtual Background Competition
  5. Netflix’s “Wanna Talk About It?”

91% of marketers said they notice an increase in their brand’s visibility by spending just a few hours per week on social media. (Source: Digital Doughnut)

From analyzing the smallest insights around your customers to driving revenue worth billions, social media today is the holy grail of growth for businesses like yours.

So where’s the problem?

Probably in the fact that there are millions of businesses trying to sell the same products as yours – at a better rate in a quicker time with higher quality.

So what’s the one thing that you have that your competitors don’t?

Your brand. They don’t have your brand. And a million ideas that you can run for it.

Here are the most innovative social media campaigns of 2020:

1. Pulse’s #PulsePePulse Challenge

pulse challenge

The Objective: To engage the audience and to increase social media mentions.

The Campaign: Pass Pass Pulse is an Indian candy brand. In January, they challenged their social media audience to engage in an activity where they have to stack three Pulse candies on top of each other in under 15-seconds with just one hand!

Results: In just a month of the campaign’s launch, the candy brand won over 1300+ entries across platforms with a reach of over 14 million reaches and 26 million impressions. (Source: Social Samosa)

2. Hershey’s India #ThatsWhatWeSaid

hershey india

The Objective: To increase awareness among its Indian TG about its distinct flavors and make the brand more relevant for their younger audiences.

The Campaign: For Valentine’s Day, Hershey’s India started an Instagram quiz where couples ask each other 9 fun questions to discover something new and interesting about their relationship.

The game was played by them on the brand’s Instagram page using the “Pull and Zoom” feature.

Results: #ThatsWhatWeSaid got over 17 million impressions, with a reach of 12.9 million on Instagram alone. Their overall engagement boosted with over 50,000+ profile visits.

3. Burger King’s Moldy Whopper Campaign

burger king moldy whopper

The Objective: To spread awareness of its initiative to remove artificial preservatives from all of its food products by the end of the year.

The Campaign: In March 2020, the famous American fast-food restaurant Burger King, shocked its audience with a time-lapse video of a Whopper. In the video, the restaurant’s famous signature sandwich decomposes over 34 days.

The brand took up an unconventional route of displaying rotten food instead of the obvious falsifying pretty images of their food used by fast-food chains.

Results: According to BrandWatch, nearly 50,000 people took to Burger King’s social media to express their disgust on the day of the video’s release. This means, around 60% of Burger King’s mentions were negative.

You might think about what was so good about this campaign? Well, this clever move by the brand got them over 2 million views on YouTube, an array of mentions from fans, and over 21 million impressions on its hashtag – the campaign was a big success in terms of reach and engagement.

4. Zoom’s Virtual Background Competition

zoom virtual background

The Objective: Zoom’s main goal was to increase brand awareness and get more of its TG to try the app during the pandemic.

The Campaign: In March, the video conferencing tool Zoom inaugurated a monthly virtual background contest where remote workers can share their pictures or videos using the tool’s virtual background feature. This will be a recurring competition and each month three entries will be awarded exclusive prizes.

Results: It seems like both of the above goals were achieved by this competition. Over 50,000 people signed up for the free trial to simply enter the competition.

5. Netflix’s “Wanna Talk About It?”

wanna talk about it netflix

The Objective: To strengthen customer loyalty and enhance the brand’s image while also encouraging mental wellbeing.

The Campaign: Owing to the pandemic, Netflix decided to use social media to connect with their audience in a more meaningful way. With this campaign, they launched a series of Instagram live sessions where people could directly ask questions and share their thoughts with mental health experts.

Results: Netflix saw a higher engagement on its Instagram live with over 100,000 people joining the live-sessions.

Did we miss any viral social media campaigns of 2020? Tell us which one did you like in the comments below!

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