14 May 2019

by Spark Eighteen

How to build an offshore development team to reduce cost and increase productivity?


Technology development in today’s time and age is a global phenomenon. The reason why this holds true for almost all technology companies lies in the detail of time, resources and efficiency. If you’re a technology operation in a place like New York, Silicon Valley or London – you’re already spending a bomb on your developers in your HQ. While you build an effective process and onboard an offshore development team, you’re bound to increase the working day operations to more than 8 hours which results in saving time, thus reducing effective costs.

Offshore development

Just because someone is hiring in a region other than yours, doesn’t mean they’re discounting on the quality. The only thing which is paramount in an offshore technology operation is to build a seamless development process or protocol. With this, you’re already covered with having a very high quality, modular and maintainable code.

Let’s understand how can you achieve this in an effective manner, using an example –

Say, you’re a startup in San Jose, CA trying to build a blockchain product operation with an aim to build an effective B2B enterprise solution in the FinTech space, using the following technology stack –

If you’re a technology person, it’s most likely that you would start the code yourself, and in the process lay down the protocol/process for the development team. You may use an agile (scrum) or waterfall depending upon your availability and past experiences. Once you have the process, it’s time to scale your team to get a good quality product in the best possible time.

While it’s always advisable to have a few developers in the HQ who can constantly work with the offshore team, yet if you’ve worked with an effective offshore team before, you already have trust with someone who can lead your technology in the right quality at a much better hourly price.

Here are the main considerations while building an effective offshore team –

  • Try to maximise the time output of a day. For San Jose, an Indian offshore team will make their development day from 8 hours to 16 hours
  • Your process is key. Needs to be strong, and needs to keep evolving for the better. Usually, a Scrum every day is the best way to start the project, the frequency of these meetings can be reduced once there is enough sync and trust.
  • Hiring the right developers. In an offshore place, usually the best developers are not the best orators, but their code can speak a million words. Try to do a small assignment while building your team.
  • Select your contracts carefully, always. While freelancers come cheaper, but they might disappear without any liability. It’s always better to work with an offshore development company/lab than with multiple single person contracts.
  • Know your developers and their culture. It’s important for you to know key traits about developers in different regions. For e.g. Indian developers usually resist change and are more likely to agree with your thought process. Whereas Ukrainian developers will tell you that your code sucks even if it’s just not perfect.
  • Your offshore team needs to feel for the product. You need to give power, respect and perks to your offshore team as much as the development team sitting in your HQs. You should keep them updated with whatever is happening at a company-wide level. It might also be a good idea to have them onsite for a few days to look at the larger picture.

Keeping these thoughts while building an offshore development team will definitely help you create and rock your current projects. In case you want us to help you further in the same regard, you can email us here.

Quick Tip: Usually non-core technology outsourcing is the best place to gain trust. If you’re a deep tech product – start with your UIX Design, Development and Front End Development.

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