21 October 2020

by Spark Eighteen

5 Obsolete marketing strategies that businesses need to leave in the past


Do you remember those mobile phones from the early 2000s with limited functionalities? Well, you hardly see them now! All thanks to the new generation smartphones that hit the market. This holds true in every field including marketing. With the advent of digital technology, social media, and some advanced tools, marketing has transformed itself into a modern technique of the time. Here, we will talk about 5 obsolete marketing strategies that businesses need to leave in the past.

Table of Content:

  1. Only using social media for promotions
  2. Not updating your old website
  3. Offering no personalization
  4. Content Marketing is more text-based
  5. Using the old repetitive methods

With the progression in technology moving at lightning-fast speed, it’s hard to assume what will come next. Technology has made it easier to replace older and lesser convenient methods with newer and smarter user-friendly ones.

Just like in a world full of smartphone users, you still see people using a dumb phone, there are also brands and businesses that are stuck with outdated marketing practices.  So, are you one of them? Sit still, as we take you on a journey where you will realize why your marketing efforts aren’t proving fruitful.

Here we’ve listed 5 obsolete marketing strategies that you need to leave in the past:

1. Only using social media for promotions

Social media marketing is a new and profound way for businesses to interact and engage with their audiences.

social media for business
Source: Buffer

However, there are businesses that don’t really understand how to use social media effectively. They treat social media more like regular advertising where they just blatantly promote themselves in every post and expect the audience to respond.

While promoting your business is good, excessive promotional activities can be seen as spam and you have more chances of getting yourself blocked or reported on social media platforms.

What should you do?

In order to promote their products, many marketers follow a one-in-seven rule where for every direct promotional post, they post six other content-based posts.

Content-based posts basically include informative and educational posts such as case studies, benefits, industry news, and how-to videos. To understand what type of content suits the best for your audience, you need to first learn more about your potential customers.

Understand why your potential customer will be searching for a business like you. Keep in mind that your goal on social media isn’t just to sell your products or services, but also to build relationships.

There are various social media platforms used by people for different purposes. See where your target audience is available the most. For example, LinkedIn is the best platform for you if you’re targeting businesses. Similarly, Instagram can help you reach a younger audience.

When you design your social media strategy around audience engagement rather than just business promotions, you will see an exponential increase in your social media numbers. You don’t have to entirely ignore your business while setting up your social media strategy; just be careful to avoid selling too hard.

2. Not updating your old website

Your website is your business’s home and a great cost-effective way to market it. The appearance and effectiveness of your website is a direct reflection of your business.  An outdated and unstructured website represents an outdated and poorly performing business to your potential clients. For this reason, it becomes important that you keep updating your website to keep it relevant, fast, and safe.

Additionally, search engines like Google constantly update their algorithm to give the best search results. Therefore, updating your website to best address these updates is critical to maintaining a good search ranking.

What should you do? 

It’s good to keep up with current web design trends. Your website should be designed in a way that it looks nice but also is easy to navigate on multiple devices. Regardless of a visitor opening your website from a laptop, tablet, or phone, it should dynamically adjunct for each of these devices to maintain a responsive design.

Other than that, redesigning your website also gives a great opportunity to tune your content to make it more targeted and effective. Humans have an attention span of a goldfish, so you hardly have 2 to 4 seconds to convert visitors into customers – and this can’t solely be attained by wowing them with graphics. You need content on your website in the form of blogs or product descriptions that contain targeted keywords and phrases to grab interest.

Updating your SEO is another thing to consider when upgrading your website design and content. Reassessing your newly-updated content and updating the underlying code associated with the new design are important options to consider as your web designer is rebuilding your site.

3. Offering no personalization

This is one of the most common obsolete marketing strategies that marketers need to stay away from.

Personalization doesn’t end on sending a forsaken email with a name on top and the message below saying “Hope this finds you well.” Although it is a considerable attempt at personalization, this won’t help you stick with your customers and connect with them for the long-run.

accenture obsolete marketing strategies

What should you do?

Delivering personalized content basically means connecting with customers and prospects to make them feel their needs are priorities are met with a tailored touch, that they matter and are heard and understood.

In the modern era, customer interaction with businesses has never been more diverse and it has made personalization even important. One of the many main factors of personalization is telling your customers that you’re paying attention.

Conduct careful research backed up by rich data, and test as well as plan your strategies before you launch your personalization initiatives.

Plan and strategize high-quality content that can generate interest from your audience. The best way to understand how personalization works, you need to take inspiration from some of the successful companies.

Examples that immediately come to our mind are Netflix and Spotify. They leverage technology such as AI and ML to provide unique experiences to visitors and individually serve them with relevant content. You won’t see two different users having the same Spotify or Netflix homepage.

personalized experience
Source: Adage

4. Content Marketing is more text-based

Ever since its inception, the foundation of marketing has mostly been built around content. Content has been the backbone of sales even before technology and digital media came into the scene, and it’s still relevant today.

While writing compelling blogs with value-based blocks of texts is certainly necessary for a robust content strategy, delivering a bulk of textual pieces can be quite disengaging to your audience. Long-form text-based content can be excellent for SEO, but most of the time aren’t the most engaging form of content.

In fact, chances are most of your audience doesn’t want to engage with only text-based content. The truth is that your audience doesn’t want text content only.

know about product through video

What should you do?

Keep in mind that content marketing isn’t just about writing blogs. It is about spreading the word about your business and product to potential customers and target audience – whichever medium you use.

You may choose blogs as a medium to tell your story, or even videos, infographics, gifs, podcasts and so much more.

These are not just different mediums for you to spread the word, but also are highly engaging. Remember that the scope of content marketing is wherever there is content.

5. Using the old repetitive methods

As a new company in the market, you are familiarized with only a handful of marketing tactics that are simple and manual and most probably come under the umbrella of the obsolete marketing strategies that are no longer effective.

But as you grow, you feel the need to improve your marketing strategies. It becomes impossible now to maintain one-on-one relationships with customers using the same tactics again and again.

Repetition in the marketing realm often becomes boring and stagnant. It pushes customers away and leads to no success. This is when your business needs to realize that it should move out of these marketing activities and spend time planning new ones.

What should you do? 

You need to keep your business in the customer’s heart and so it becomes important to keep communicating with your clients. Use different forms of communication such as email, social media,  and other types of content.

Making relevant content that your customers will like and sharing them on platforms where they hang on most of the time is a great strategy to use.

Another thing you can do is seek automation for the processes that you feel are repetitive and consuming a lot of time. For example, for social media, there are a number of automation and intelligent tools that are available. These tools (like Hootsuite, Socialert, etc.) allow you to monitor audience conversations, respond to queries, create and schedule content – and much more.

This will help you in diverting your precious time to more important tasks that will bring high revenue to your business.


These were the top 5 obsolete marketing strategies that you need to leave right now! If you’re one of the many businesses that are still relying on these age-old marketing practices, we’d recommend you to move on and set up your pace.

With technology around, there has been a constant change in how businesses can employ the latest marketing strategies that will help them boost sales.

Before you hop on to using these marketing strategies, You need to identify what works the best for you by trying and testing the latest and the best marketing strategies to effectively build your business.

It all starts by understanding your customers and clients by researching their interests and behaviors. Gather all the data and work towards personalizing our messages and content.

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