4 September 2020

by Spark Eighteen

5 Must-know tips for new business owners & entrepreneurs


If you’ve clicked on this blog, you might be mulling over a business idea that you’re ready to turn into a reality and must be looking for some advice or tips for your new business.

There are some things that every business owner and entrepreneur who is starting or has just started a new business needs to know before they get off the ground.

So here we are sharing with you the 5 Must-know tips for new business owners and entrepreneurs. Remember that every business is unique and you might want to refine this list as you go. Let’s get started!

1. Be Certain Of Your Idea

Every entrepreneurial journey starts with an idea, but how to implement that idea into reality?

It starts by analyzing your market and target audience. One of the easiest ways to do that is by taking a look at other companies that are offering similar products and services.

These will be the ones with whom you’re eventually going to compete in the market. Study what they’re doing and see what works for them and what doesn’t and what makes you different from them.

2. Start while you’re still employed

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Source: Academy of Management study

So if you’re planning to quit your current job to start your own business, you might want to rethink your decision.

By starting your business while you’re still employed, you’re basically getting the best of both worlds. You have a secure and reliable source of income that can further help you plant your new avenue. Also, your new business might have a high chance of failure in the initial stage, so its good to have a back-up option.

Just remember that you prioritize your time thoughtfully which creates much time for both your day job and growing your part-time business. Decide how you’ll go about it by creating a list of all the responsibilities and activities you’ll be reducing or eliminating to make time for your new business.

3. Build Your Network

Starting a new business can be overwhelming, but one thing that shouldn’t be is building your network.

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Source: Manta

Look out for unique networking opportunities like joining the right social media networks where you can help other new businesses and they can do that in return. Stay active on online forums, not only because most of your customers are searching for products and services there but it is also a place where new business owners turn out looking for information. These initial connections can become your future business prospects, and partners which can help you grow.

In addition to all this, just be your own brand ambassador. Until you’ve established your business, you need to create your own word-of-mouth and show people why they must give you a chance.

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4. Understand Marketing And Sales

You’ve identified your market, now its time to understand how can you rule that market. All this happens when you understand marketing and sales.

For your business to grow to its full potential, it must reach the right set of audience. For example, if you’re selling work bags for women, you want to market your product to businesswomen. The chances of selling those bags to online gamers will be quite minimal.

Try out by understanding your customer’s behavior, where they spent most of their time, what can excite your customers to buy your product?

Going back to our work bag example, working women tend to carry bags that can be easy to schlep around and can also fit all their necessary work items. If your product serves these basic necessities, try out writing a blog post about it, or try online advertising.

Like these, there are numerous cost-effective and great ways available to start marketing your business.

5. Know All The Legal Requirements

You’re all pumped up and excited to start your business until it comes to laws. We get it, they’re not as exciting but you need to understand the rules that come up with opening a business. If you won’t follow government regulations, you could face steep penalties which can be disastrous for your new business.

Register your business with your state, create business-specific tax liabilities, and as you hire employees you need to follow employment laws. The rules differ from state-to-state and countries-to-countries. Consider talking to a small business accountant as you set up your company.


So here you have it, the 5 must-know tips for new business owners and entrepreneurs starting a new business.

You cannot vouch for a new business – nobody can, but what you can do is try everything possible to ensure that your business performs well.

These are just some small business tips and advice. There are countless more available out there which can come handy before starting your business and the rest will come with practice. Talk to your peers or people who have proven themselves to be successful entrepreneurs in the long run.

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