4 May 2020

by Spark Eighteen

Mistakes your brand should avoid in 2020


2020 is on the roll with new and exciting branding opportunities and along with these opportunities, brands must also focus on most common branding mistakes to avoid in 2020.

Branding can be complicated as every new day there are new challenges to face. So it’s quite evident that you might make some mistakes unknown of the fact how it is a mistake.

Just remember, even a mini blunder can ruin your brand’s image forever.

How difficult it is then to know if you’re taking the right step?

Well, don’t think too much! Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common branding mistakes to avoid in 2020.

1. Extremely Stretching Your Brand

Stick to your brand’s core values. Do not try to stretch them.

A brand is only successful when it is recognizable and unique. Keep in mind what is the unique thing about your business and focus solely on that.

If you go beyond what is the central focus of your brand, you might confuse your audience.

For eg., If your brand is famous for its pizzas, you cannot wander into an all-new market like shoes. This will ruin your brand’s image and customer base. Although if you think of expanding your focus on the more related things (like pizza sauces) then it might be helpful for your brand.

2. Not Defining What Your Brand Stands For

A brand is much more than just a logo. A brand holds the values, motives, goals, and promises that a company holds. Therefore, it must be defined correctly.

When a person comes in contact with your brand, they must be accommodated by all of the things your brand is providing (or hoping to provide).

Yes, a brand logo should be visually appealing. But if it doesn’t depict the essence of the brand then it is of no use.

Just remember, your brand’s message is always the end of the goal.

Take up professional help rather than taking it down in your own hands.

If you will not define your brand’s motives yourself, someone will do it for you. You’ll then go on explaining what you’re not. It’s better to set your boundaries clear beforehand.

3. Bad Customer Experience

Sugarcoating your potential customers only to leave them with a bitter experience will lead your brand nowhere.

Just remember if your customer puts some amount of trust onto your brand, it is your responsibility to prove your worth.

Keep an eye on what your customers say about your brand through reviews, answer their queries and keep in touch with them. This will not only create a healthy relationship between you and your customers but also will be very beneficial for your brand.

4. Losing Brand Consistency

Once your brand is present on all given platforms, it is your brand’s responsibility to be consistent on all the platforms it is present on. Being inconsistent will affect your relationship with your audience.

The more consistent you are, the more connected you are to the public.

Social Media, especially, has been growing in an unprecedented manner. It has a global reach which is so beneficial for your brand.

Once you’re present on the right social media platforms, start posting about your brand’s endeavors and other related stuff.

5. Being The ‘Trend Victim’

There is one of the other trends making waves every day. It doesn’t mean you have to be too driven to follow each one of them.

Whether it is a trend online or a new tech trend, you don’t have to jump on the band-wagon just to be in the game.

Corporate professionals doing TikTok challenges in their three-piece suits do not make them look updated but rather confused.

Do not forget your brand’s values and it’s core identity. It is cool to take inspiration from certain trends, but following them blindly may not be the most relevant option.

Although, it is a different thing if the given trend is appropriate for what your brand is offering.

So here it is! This was our list of some of the most common brand mistakes your brand should avoid.

If you stand a chance to circumvent all these, you will be seeing a pretty good year!

What according to you are the other branding mistakes to avoid? Tell us in the comments below.

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