3 May 2018

by Spark Eighteen

Learn how social media can help boost your SEO


Like content and SEO work hand in hand, social media also plays an important part in boosting your brand’s SEO. The performance of your content on social media could be a high indicator of how well you’re doing on search engines.

But how exactly does social media impact your SEO? Let’s learn how.

Social media does not directly contribute to SEO page rankings. So, how do they actually work together?

Long back, SEO was just about using the right keywords and the right backlinking strategy. Then came social media and changed the way people looked at SEO.

Most marketers feel that social media directly impacts SEO. However, that isn’t entirely how this relationship works.

Social media marketing and search engine marketing can be taken as a set of identical twins who work together. They both rely on high-quality content and a visible, strong brand presence for success.

Basically, your SEO efforts can improve your social media reach and presence which will indirectly help you increase your search rankings.

Here’s how tying them together can work wonders for your brand:

A. Social Media + SEO = Increase Backlinks 

A website’s ranking on Google highly depends on the kind of backlinks it receives. Google now promotes social signals like Tweets, Facebook posts as a way of getting backlinks to your website.

Gone are the days where you had to just depend on backlinks. Thanks to social media platforms, you can create the perfect backlinking juice for your website’s ranking!

Of course, the kind of content you curate is also imperative to attract the audience back to your website.

B. Social media + SEO = Content Visibility 

Search engines attract social media content and can help your website’s content indexed much faster than before.

Say you post your blog’s link on Facebook or Twitter and it ends up getting a lot of traction. The immediate result would be your content getting indexed faster on search engines.

Search engines can easily crawl content that goes viral on social media platforms than other types of content.

C. Social media + SEO = Building Brand Awareness

Your content marketing techniques and engagement strategy on social media can increase your brand’s overall presence online. The increased brand presence online can further accelerate your searches on Google and help in lead generation.

A strong brand presence on social media can provide greater search visibility to your brand across search engines.

Once you understand how social media and SEO can work together to help your brand, it is also imperative to look at what individual social media platforms can do for increasing SEO.


Instagram is one such platform that not only helps build your brand but also drives relevant audience back to your website. The easiest way to drive people back to your website is to share a teaser on your Instagram feed (blog or infographic) and provide your audience with a link or a trending hashtag in your bio to it. A short preview of the actual content would help attract your audience to the website easily.

Instagram also uses hashtags to categorize content, making it more discoverable.

Hashtags work like keywords on search engines. They combine your content together with similar content, linking it all together under one entity.

So, when you’re using hashtags in your posts, you’re redirecting your post to the relevant search traffic and the relevant audience.

Hashtags help you create brand awareness and presence on other platforms and channels which further helps you dominate the overall search rankings.


Posting engaging content by placing in keywords could really boost your brand’s SEO efforts. Optimizing your social media content with keywords could help improve its visibility within each social network and further impact your ranking on search engines.

Including a definitive CTA, (call-to-action) with a simple backlink to your website or asking people to share the post further would also do the trick for your SEO ranking!

Because the more people share your content on Facebook, the better your chances of boosting your search ranking.


Twitter is a great platform to boost your SEO by sending out links to your content on your account. Those who click on it, improve its rankings on search engines and those who share it via re-tweets expand the immediate following of your account.

Using targeted keywords in your tweets, adding links to your content and optimizing your Twitter profile by adding website links provide you with long-term searchability and improved backlinks to your website on all search engines.

Now that you have a few ideas for how to drive traffic to your website from social media platforms, it’s time to get started!

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