31 March 2020

by Spark Eighteen

Is your business suffering because of COVID-19?


With the number of COVID-19 cases on the ride worldwide, this is affecting the global economy. The implications on businesses have been huge but it’s not the end. If your business is suffering because of COVID-19, then continue reading on how to stay connected with the customers or marketing strategies for COVID-19

Firstly, times are tough but you are tougher!

Secondly, Keep your distance and take care of yourself and the FAM

Third, Use this time.

Think of ways to make your business bounce back once it all subsides!

Think about things differently.

#1 Commercial Slowdown

  • Bad things about the slowdown? Your sales are going down.
  • Silver lining around it? You are not alone! Everyone in the market is taking the equal hit.

Our Guess – By the time global markets reopen, it’ll be an open playing field.So stock up on ideas, comeback campaigns, and every other crazy maneuver you can think of.

#2 Target Local not Global

Say you’re running a brand across 11 States, 3 Countries, Selling 5000 units/day.

Should you expect the same sales on Day 1 Post Pandemic?

Various countries/states may have different recovery periods.

Keep a close check on geographies and improvise your online marketing strategy on the go!

Re-enter markets aggressively and make a mark!

#3 Tools to Maximise your Productivity

Working remotely is currently the New Reality!

Implementing a Remote Work Policy is the best way to coordinate with your Team.

Tools for Company-Wide Functioning & Communication:

Keep a tight check on your workforce with

Slack, Workplace by Facebook, Zoom etc

These tools are available with paid plans but also offer free basic services.

Tools for Business Efficiency

  • Google Account – Google Docs to write documents, Slides to create powerpoint presentations and more.
  • Zoho – Create documents, presentations and sheets.

More to come!

How are you using this time? Email us your suggestions or any other marketing strategies for COVID-19 at coffee@sparkeighteen.com


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