26 October 2020

by Spark Eighteen

Read these 4 tips before you expand your business internationally


Every small business owner dreams to take their company across borders to grow or expand operations. Why wouldn’t they? There are innumerable benefits of going international like generating more revenue, competing in a new market, recurring new talent, and more. Here we will talk about 4 tips you should consider before planning your international expansion strategies.

Table of Content:

  1. Identify the need for your product in the international market
  2. Research potential partners
  3. Understand the language and cultural barriers
  4. Networking is the key

As exciting as it looks, expanding a business beyond shores comes with its own set of challenges. As you make your first steps into international markets, there are a number of hurdles to cross. These include language barriers, understanding the local competition, finding the right business partners, and much more.

You cannot overcome these barriers overnight. It entails constant efforts and effective strategies to finally get your goals functional.

Traditionally, before companies seek to expand globally, they need to establish their business locally first.

However, overseas expansion depends on various other factors too. What might work best for you in your country, can be harmful to you when applied abroad.

It is wise then to list down your goals of what you want to achieve through international expansion. Is it creating a new customer base? Retaining top talent? Increasing your market share? Identifying both the reason for expansion as well as the target country will be a nice first step before you take your company global.

Go through these 4 important tips before you plan your international expansion strategies:

1. Identify the need for your product in the international market

The first thing to consider before planning your international expansion strategies is to understand the demand for your product or service in the global market. If your product sells well in your home country, doesn’t mean it would have the same appeal in the international target markets.

Understand that your product needs to be viable for the market wherever you are hoping to export. Study the target audience that you’re going to serve. Do they need what you have to offer? What is stopping them from buying from you? Is it a local competitor or a different feature? Even if it isn’t anything blocking their way, are they inclined to purchase from you?

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Source: Harvard Business Review

You do not have to affect yourself financially to go over the top in just your initial stages. If the market demands modifications of your products or services in a way that disagrees with your goals and objectives as a company, then it is wise to look for other potential markets.

2. Research potential partners

Finding the right partner for business is similar to finding the right partner to marry – someone who can establish a long-lasting relationship.

When you go global, you will understand that people will rather trust their local representative than a foreigner when partnering for business. It is important to get a partnership with a person who has a great knowledge of the local market strategies, target audience, and consumer behavior.

A regional country manager will ensure the compliance of the company in the new market. A potential partner can help you overcome the hurdles that may appear in the initial stages as they can mobilize swiftly among the local people.

3. Understand the language and cultural barriers

It goes without saying that language barriers are one of the biggest challenges faced when taking your business global. In most countries, English is not the primary language of doing business and most markets prefer to do business when the products and services are presented in their native language.

While studying language yourself is an important approach, you can also hire translators and native speakers to create a multilingual business.

You also need to understand the different paces various countries work at. The working infrastructure in your target country may not be the same as you have in your country.

understand customer

If your business fails to provide it, you can run the risk of losing customers even before having them.

4. Networking is the key

Building relationships is an important aspect of doing international business. Keep building connections with people who are either doing international business before you and can offer you advice and insights, or with people in your target market who can share information on how consumer behavior works and help you connect with customers overseas.

networking international expansion strategies
Source: Harvard Business Review

But, the definition of in-person meetings has changed in recent times. Networking doesn’t require you to travel from one place to the other looking for people to connect to. Thanks to modern technology that now we can engage in networking activities online via social media or attending virtual events to increase foreign contacts and meet them virtually.

It’s your time to go global!

There is no right time to expanding your business on the global forum until you are fully prepared to do so. It is both an exciting as well as an overwhelming journey.

Sometimes you find yourself in a position where you don’t know who to contact or what to do. It is completely fine!

Keep in mind that it is always wise to first check if your product fills the target market needs first and most importantly if it will benefit your business in the long-run or not! Once you have it all figured out, it’s time to build your business keeping in mind the above-mentioned 4 tips before planning your international expansion strategies.

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