24 December 2019

by Spark Eighteen

5 story hacks that will make your Instagram game strong!


Want to make your Instagram stories stand out? Follow these tips and tricks to ace your Instagram game like a boss & rule over the digital world like a pro in 2020. Let’s unfold some tried and tested instagram stories hacks 2020 to increase your followers:

Instagram Stories Hacks 2020

#1 You can copy-paste multiple pictures from your gallery.

Yes, you read it right. You can pick as many pictures as you want from your gallery and paste them on your story. It is easy and makes your story look exquisite. 

1) Pick any picture from your gallery and click on ‘Export’


 2) ‘Copy’ the image from the gallery.


3) Open Instagram story and ‘Double-tap’ to paste.


4) Voila! Here it is.

Instagram story hacks 18


Instagram story hacks 7


#2 Colour the entire background with your favorite one.

Who doesn’t love colors? Incorporate your brand identity in your stories like never before. Sometimes you may want to share something with your Instagram story but don’t want to use an image. Here’s when solid colors come to rescue.

1) Pick brush tool.

Instagram story hacks 8


2) Select the color that you want.

Instagram story hacks 9

Instagram story hacks 10


# 3 Add a ‘drop shadow’ to your text. 

Add a little flash to your Instagram Stories. Make your text fancy and appealing by adding shadow to them & give a 3D effect.

1) Write your text. 

Instagram story hacks 3


2) Rewrite it again and change the color.

Instagram story hacks 2


3) Overlap it on the first one. 

Instagram story hacks 1


#4 Hide your Hashtags # 

You can add hashtags in your story without people noticing them. It’s effortless and increases your reach. This is one of the most effective Instagram marketing hacks.

1) Insert trending hashtags in your story and reduce the size.

Instagram story hacks 11


2) Pick background color and blend the hashtag content. Wait for the magic to happen. (;

Instagram story hacks 12


#5 Use calligraphy fonts in your stories. 

Leave your followers amazed when they open your stories with eccentric typography.

1) Head to the lingojam.com and write a sentence you want to. You’ll get numerous font options to choose from.

Instagram story hacks 13


2) Copy any font and paste it in your story.
Instagram story hacks 14


Put out your creativity like never earlier and make your Instagram account visually appealing. These hacks will keep the audience hooked to your account and enhance your brand’s presence like never before.  🙂

Instagram is not just limited to posting pictures and getting likes. There are many more ways to grow your engagement and reach.

Happy Posting!


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8 thoughts on “5 story hacks that will make your Instagram game strong!”

  1. Hi Piyush,
    Unfortunately, Android phones do not have the option to copy/paste images from your gallery to Instagram stories – but that doesn’t mean you cannot try this amazing hack!
    Apps like SwiftKey Keyboard by Microsoft allows you to access photos from your gallery so that you can add multiple photos on one story. Simply tap on the emoji section on the keyboard where you’ll see a pin icon. From here you can add images from your gallery to the keyboard and create fun and artistic Instagram stories. 🙂
    Do let us know if this works for you!

  2. Hey, that’s great! You should definitely check out our other blogs on Instagram hacks for more awesome tricks! 😉

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