30 May 2020

by Spark Eighteen

5 Instagram story hacks for your business


Instagram’s story is gaining popularity day by day not only among regular users but also among business owners and if you are a business owner and not using Instagram stories for business already, then you’re missing out on all the benefits of gaining high followers, being on the explore page, and more.

If you want to make your business’ online presence and generate more leads, then these Instagram story hacks are for you.

Amid the pandemic and the current lockdown situation, it’s difficult for brands to engage with their audience. However, leveraging stories to the maximum can pump up your insight and build a valuable, authentic connection.

Fun Fact: About 1.7 billion accounts use the Stories format daily. (Source: 99 Firms)

We are here to reveal top story tips and tricks that can be beneficial for your brand or business page.

1. The Layout Feature

Available on both iOS and Android this feature allows Instagrammers to upload up to six pictures on a single Instagram story. It is a grid template which helps influencers and business owners to show more details in a 15-second story.

It has multiple benefits like:

1. It saves you a lot of time in creating collages.

2. You can put more information into a single story. For instance: 4 ways to get more followers.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can start posting layout stories on Instagram.

  • Open the Instagram story camera and slide the bottom bar to find the “Layout” option.

Layout option


  • You can either take live pictures or the best part is that you can use the one which is already in your gallery.



  • You can select the layout in which you want the images to appear and choose the images.

layout images


  • Simply decorate and voila your image collage is ready.

Image collage


2. Combine Multiple Questions Stickers on a Single Story

When talking about Instagram stories for business, this feature has got tremendous response from businesses and is a great way to interact with your audience.

Combine Multiple Questions Stickers on a Single Story


It can do wonders for your brand in terms of engagement with the users. You can ask questions, know your followers better, get recommendations, or play a quiz with them.

But there’s a hack we bet that you are not aware of.

You can also share multiple responses to your questions sticker in a single story. It helps you create that sense of community with your audience. This way people will be able to see a variety of responses at once.

Here’s how you can do it!

  • Create a question for your audience.

Create a question for your audience.


  • Share any response to your story and save it in your gallery.

Share any response to your story and save it in your galleryShare any response to your story and save it in your gallery


  • Now use the picture you saved and create a second story using a different question sticker response.

question sticker


Keep adding all the responses and finally publish one story. You just saved your followers some time in tapping!

3. Get #SwipeUp link without having 10k followers

The most asked questions when using Instagram Stories for business is- How to get the swipe up link?

You don’t need 10,000 Instagram followers to enable the feature on Instagram.

Yes, you’re reading this right.

Switching to IGTV allows you to add a link to the caption and once the video is uploaded you can embed the IGTV link to your story.

It is is a game-changer for driving traffic to your latest blogs or boost your sales.

swipe up link swipe up IGTV


According to statistics, Instagram video generates more engagement than any other content type. (Source: Social Media Today)

4. Track who reshares your post on their story

If you have a business account, and you are planning on using Instagram stories for business, then this feature is significant for you. You can now check who shares your posts without tagging you. This gives you an insight into the kind of audience that resonates with your brand. Moreover, it is a great way for brands to interact with those sharing your content. The direct communication will help you nurture leads more intimately.

How to View Story Reshares

  • Go to your recent post and click on the three dots in the upper right corner near your post (…)

three dots


  • Scroll down and click  “View Story Reshares”.

view story shares

This feature allows you to see shares only on the recent post because the story is available just for 24 hours.

5. Use custom fonts on your stories

Adding customized fonts can level-up your account’s creativity and make your content stand apart – definitely worth a try! You can do this through a simple download of this app called ‘Fonts’.

Steps to follow:

  • Download the app ‘Fonts’ and enable it on your keyboard settings.

fonts app

  • Select the keyboard type.

select keyboard typeselect keyboard type


  • Start creating content.

start creating content


So these were a few but lesser-known features/tips that will help you in using Instagram Stories for business. Now start producing engaging content for your audience.

You can also have a look at other sets of story hacks to make your Instagram game strong, they help you create stories that are engaging and visually appealing!

Know more such features? Let us know by commenting them below.

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