13 November 2019

by Spark Eighteen

Instagram is hiding likes: Here’s what to expect


Don’t be alarmed, this isn’t happening in India yet. 

But Instagram has been doing this in a few countries since July this year, namely – Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand. Now, it’s happening in US. Why?

Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri, announced that the platform will be hiding “like“ counts on posts to help maintain people’s well-being and health through a less pressured environment.

What does this mean for your Instagram? 

We don’t know when it’ll come to India. But when it does, you’ll still be able to see which and how many people liked your posts but it’ll only be visible to you. To others, it’ll look something like this,

And it’s not just Instagram, Youtube and Facebook have also been experimenting with removing like counts on posts. While Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, mentioned his wish to remove public likes from tweets over a year ago.

What can this do to businesses? 

Companies across the globe have spent millions to create recall and gain affinity in their consumer domains. “Instagram likes” is a part of calculating that. So yes, this does mean that brands will come up with other measures and won’t get insight into other competitor’s engagement and reach as much as they did before.

Instagram or not, you’ll always have our 

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