5 September 2019

by Spark Eighteen

Here’s how you can get more blog traffic with limited content!


It’s no rocket science that having an active blog is valuable for SEO, traffic and overall aesthetics of your website. That’s why you might already be having an active blog.

But what’s the point of having a blog if no one is reading it? Let’s say you get readers, then how do you know they’re a part of your audience? These questions are puzzling you and it’s easy to lose interest in writing new blog posts because of such thoughts. But before you lose all hope and decide to shut down your blog, read this post to find out how to increase blog traffic before you exhaust yourself writing new content.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Researching and writing new content all the time can be overwhelming, so it’s always a good idea to make the content of your blog posts evergreen. This means we want to rank for keywords that are easy to target and remain in the search results for a longer period.

Use longtail keywords because it’s difficult to rank for short or exact match keywords. If you want to rank for the term “paint” or “apple” or “phone,” you will face tremendous competition from other competitors who might be industry giants.

Also, it’s not beneficial in ranking for such generic terms. Even though a lot of people may search on exact match keywords, the quality of traffic is usually pretty low. Longtail keywords, on the other hand, help in removing passive users. It takes some thought and effort to search for a longtail keyword.

Besides, longtail keywords have an insanely higher demand!

longtail keywords


Identifying the right longtail keywords for your website can produce great results. Now, where can you find such longtail keywords?

Your best friends are Google AutoComplete and Google Keyword Planner. To start, search for any keyword that you want to rank for. Let’s assume you are writing about “blog traffic increase”. On putting this keyword in the search bar, AutoComplete gave me this list:

blog traffic increase

From here I can put any of the suggested keywords into the Google keyword planner to find more such keywords with their search volume. This helps me in writing quality content with keywords that carry high search volume while avoiding unnecessary competition on SERP.

How to Gain referral traffic from high-traffic niche websites?

One of the best ways to get referral traffic on your website is by getting a link back to your website from other websites.

In a nutshell, Referral Traffic is the traffic your website gets from other websites.

Let’s say, someone is reading an article on a certain blog and in between that article there is a hyperlink redirecting to another website. That person might get interested in reading more about the same topic and might click on that link. This takes them to a different website which happens to be yours!

This is called referral traffic.

How to do this? You can always further share your article on various blog resharing websites such as Medium and Reddit.

Another major way to generate referral traffic is via guest blogging on different websites. Guest blogging not only allows you to increase your blog traffic but also puts you out there as an industry expert, adding to your credibility.

Here’s what you should do!

  • Create a list of all the websites that you want a link from. 
  • Include websites with high authority and good content. 
  • Write an article like you normally do and add a link to these websites in that blog.
  • Send a message to the authors of these websites to let them know that you’ve linked your content to theirs. 

This is also a pretty good way of getting recognized by credible website owners so that when you ask for a link exchange, you just might end up expanding your network. 

As indicated by recent studies, the majority of referral traffic comes through social media sources. However, in some cases, leads from these websites can be more valuable than social media referral traffic.

Email Marketing for increased traffic

Email marketing shouldn’t be overlooked since we’re looking at alternatives, other than social media, to generate traffic to the blog. Email marketing is often considered a dead channel but a tailored email list has the potential to generate more traction than anything else.  According to experts, for every $1 you spend on email marketingyou’re can make up to $32Imagine that!

So how do we approach this? Create a tailored email list of your existing and potential customers, set an agenda and start pushing newsletters with contextual CTAs.


If these 3 measures are implemented and marketed correctly, even the most basic blog can start generating relevant web traffic. If you can post regularly then nothing like it but if not then do some smart work to get the most out of little content that you have and increase blog traffic in no time!

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