18 June 2020

by Spark Eighteen

How coronavirus affected the influencer culture


The pandemic, as fast as it is taking over the global economy, is making it harder and harder for businesses and creators in the influencer marketing industry to adopt the budding changes. In this article, let’s have a look at the impact of coronavirus on influencers.

Coronavirus, if compared to a man-eating monster, is still far more dangerous than ever.

No doubt, recent years were proven to be the most beneficial for these social media stars. Marking their rise over social media and brand campaigns, influencers have only been known for getting a greater advantage.

Brand collaborations and sponsored campaigns have been a crucial source of revenue for most of these influencers. With the perks of free trips, designer clothes, and access to fancy events, influencer life is no more than a luxury.

The Effect Of Lockdown

The emergence of lockdown had a great impact on different industries and like other industries, the impact of coronavirus on influencers has also been immense. With sponsored-deals being shut down and events being canceled, these social media stars have no option but to shift their focus to alternative revenue streams that can help them earn without leaving their homes.

Brands started to postpone their long-due campaigns were also seeing high engagement on social media platforms since most users are spending time in self-isolation.

While on the other hand, we see influencers focused on DIY content filmed at their respective homes also looking for other revenue sources.

Here are some of the things that got completely affected by the impact of coronavirus on influencers culture:

Traveling And Attending Events

Creators and influencers whose main source of revenue was through sponsorships are facing a major decline in their businesses because of the outbreak.

Travel bloggers who should have been in some foreign location currently, eating some exotic dishes and posting pictures with #Wanderlust are finding themselves stuck in their houses.

Ankita Kumar with more than 68,000 followers on Instagram talked to HuffPost India and about this situation and said, “Brands are thinking that it’d be inconsiderate to promote travel at this point and rightly so. We’re all sitting at home. Your biggest dilemma is what to watch on Netflix which is not quite a real problem”.

Long-due brand events and meet-ups being shut down on a huge scale have also affected many of these influencers.

Building New Strategies

While all of it is taking a huge toll, it seems to be a valid option to focus on other strategies (at least for the time being).

Most influencers are turning to alternative revenue streams like coaching, teaching, and consulting.

Some of them, with the help of NGOs and other monetary work, have started collecting money for a good cause.

These influencers have cut back on travel and events related expenses and are focusing on other long-term projects while also creating some user-generated content from home.

No Brand Collaborations

What about the influencers who mostly rely on brand collaborations?

The solution for them will be to reshape their pages, blogs, or website in a way that they become relevant for who they are.

Some influencers have already started working towards it.

For example, health influencer and celebrity trainer Namrata Purohit started with her own online classes on fitness and nutrition. The “Virtual Retreat”, as it is popularly known as, schedules a full day of fitness and mindful exercises. All anybody needs to do is log on to her website to get the full schedule.

Some are also utilizing this time by getting in touch with fellow influencers and creating content together.

The #DontRush challenge which is popularized by beauty and fashion influencers is a fine example of this.

It is important to note that while most brands are running out of funds or even out of business, lesser and lesser number of brands will be interested in approaching a third party.

It might take a lot of time to get back to what it was before. Till then, it is more important for you to prepare for what will come next.

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How the impact of coronavirus on influencers change influencer marketing in the near future?

It’s fair to say that no good can come from a global pandemic like this, whatsoever.

Still, brands are utilizing this time to create more personal relations with their customers. These brands are trying to provide customers with information, content, and connection at the time when they are needed the most.

This was all that influencer marketing was relied upon for.

Influencer marketing is built on the trust between a creator and their followers as people look up to their favorite social media personality for product and service recommendations. This is the reason why brands approach influencers so they can gain the trust-building sources from them.

While brands are running out of funds, they are working more on engagements. They are able to create content that will help them connect more to their audiences. On the other hand, influencers are focusing on building their communities as well as by adopting new strategies.

Although, there are brands that are still approaching influencers and creating content from home with them. Netflix, for example, took it’s popular YouTube series Behansplaining to home. The two hosts (and also popular social media influencers) Kusha Kapila and Srishti Dixit now are continuing the series from their respective homes.

We can only imagine what the future may hold for influencers and brand relationships. According to us, brands should still consider creating authentic and relevant content with influencers once the pandemic is over. After all, collaborations have always been proven a fruitful way to target audiences effectively.

What do you think about the impact of coronavirus on influencers? Let us know in the comments below!

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