30 June 2020

by Spark Eighteen

6 Great ways in which branding impacts your business & sales


Often people associate branding by colours, fonts, or a logo. While these are some important elements of branding but what makes a brand are its core values, what it stands for, and the vision. Here we will have a look at the impact of branding on business & sales.

Apple is the ultimate example of strong branding. The brand focuses on the value that their products offer and the connection that they form with their consumers.

apple logo

If you’ve seen an Apple advertisement before, they highlight the same qualities in their consumers as they do in their products – showcasing that every Apple person is innovative, imaginative, and creative.

So what is the impact of branding on business & sales? Let’s discuss the different benefits of branding and how it can help your business reach new heights!

Benefits Of Branding

1. Makes You Stand Out

There are innumerable brands around the world – whether small or large.

Even if you consider a fraction of these numbers selling products like yours, it will still be an overwhelming number to compete with.

If you want your business to stand-out of this mass crowd you’d need nothing but branding. It is the way you can distinguish yourself from others in the market by telling what it is that you offer that makes you a better choice.

Your brand is the true representation of what your business stands for and how you want it to be perceived. For example, how Uber has revolutionized the taxi business that now it has become its verb!

Seriously! When was the last time you heard someone say “Let’s call a taxi”, instead of “Let’s book an Uber”?


2. Earn Trust

Strong branding creates a positive impression of you amongst your customers. Your customers are likely to do business with you because they see you as an established company. Even as a small business, you can compete with big ones if you know how to establish your brand the right way.

Write customized blogs and share posts with relevant information showing that your brand cares.

Spend time learning about your audience and tailor your content to specific groups within them.

KEYDifference Media fact

Source: KEYDifference Media

3. Build Customer Loyalty

Good branding boosts business which increases recognition and loyalty. Customers are usually attracted to brands they share similar values with and develop an emotional connection with them.

Markin Blog fact

Source: Markin Blog

4. Generate a consistent image

When you have a strong and consistent brand, you can make decisions quickly when it comes to customer experience.

You also would not find yourself questioning “What fonts to use”, “What colour to use?”, etc. With a brand style, all those things are already set.

McDonald’s will be a fine example of a consistent brand. You can imagine what colours resonate with the brand even if you haven’t seen the brand’s logo in years.

McDonalds logo

Not only the logo but things about the restaurant itself – including the menu, the service, and the personnel. McDonald’s sure leaves no chance.

SmallBizGenius fact

Source: SmallBizGenius

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5. Attract influential customers

As mentioned above, people connect with brands they share similar values with. If your brand is successfully representing the core values of your consumers, you are likely to attract the right people.

For example, if you own a coffee shop that wants to attract high-paying customers, your brand needs to be in line. You may want to use a higher-quality packaging or some attractive high-end cups.


6. Provides A Clear Strategy

Lastly, we think branding sets a perfect foundation for you to move forward. It sets the tone for everything you do. With a strong strategy in place, you can always refer back to and make sure it is in line with your brand’s mission and goals.


So here it is, 6 great ways to understand the impact of branding on business & sales. As you can see, great branding helps a business in many more ways than just making it attractive.

Remember that branding is not just a one-time thing but it is a continuous process. You need to continuously prove yourself to be present in the sight of your customers.

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