21 May 2020

by Spark Eighteen

How to create an Instagram aesthetic for your brand


The first impression is the last impression! This is not just in the context of humans but also for a brand’s image and identity which plays a crucial role. Similarly, Instagram feed acts as a portfolio for your brand and puts out the impression. Therefore, it is essential to make your feed A-game and what exactly makes a good Instagram account? You guessed it right, Instagram Aesthetic.

Aesthetics are the building block and it not only attracts followers to content, but it provides a branding opportunity for a person, company, organization, etc.. With the growing popularity, people tend to focus more on your page layout.

We bet that as you read this someone might be scrolling through your profile. Instagram is much more than just posting dazzling pictures, it involves creativity and posting content worth reading. The appeal of the feed is being paid more attention now than ever before.

Aesthetics can involve anything: Picking a mood for the profile, using consistent presets, or even creating a theme using borders. When you create your Instagram you’re putting your brand’s personality out there.

instagram account aestheticinstagram account aesthetic

From budding entrepreneurs to an established business owner trying to promote their brand, these 5 tips will help you nail down your Instagram aesthetic appeal.

1. Pre-Plan your feed

You must be thinking that this is difficult, but here is when apps like Preview come into the picture. It allows you to plan your feed and rearrange the order before publishing.

See what your Instagram feed will look like before you post.

Just upload your photos/videos/carousels in the app, and drag and drop them to move them around. If it doesn’t fit, just delete it from your Preview feed and replace it.

It is easy and handy. Most importantly, you can curate a balanced feed.

pre plan your feed


You can buy a premium package which gives you access to exclusive filters as well.

preview planner for instagram

2. Choose a theme

The theme is your visual personality. Choose an Instagram theme or a layout according to your brand’s character or something you’re passionate about. When people land on your profile, they decide to follow you or click the X button. Having an attractive profile reflects who you are and what you do, it encourages them to stay on and share content with others.

shiveshmason home


3. Use Standard Filter/Preset

There is no theme without a filter. Be playful with the feed and use common presets. It will enhance your brand’s identity.

Using the same filter on every post, it will give your content the consistency that creates a successful Instagram aesthetic and builds an overall vibe & tone.

Here are a few examples below of how a feed looks with the same preset.

use standard filters


4. Take Inspiration

Finding an aesthetic identity for your brand doesn’t mean you cannot draw inspiration from other accounts. Stay glued to other accounts and compare them with yours. Ask yourself Why you followed this account? What makes it appealing? How can I take ideas and implement them?  Which Instagram aesthetic would fit my brand or business?

Instagram trends are always changing, so you have to be on your toes with the latest updates and curate mood boards accordingly.

5. Edit your pictures

Quality content works better on Instagram. It doesn’t mean that you need to post professionally clicked pictures or products. Visually appealing photos for Instagram is a big thumbs up.

To maintain a balance, you can edit the pictures using apps like VSCO, Snapseed, Pro-Camera which will make your Instagram feed come to life.

These hacks will not only make your Instagram feed aesthetically pleasing but also turn your users into customers.

As it evolves, you’ll begin to notice the mistakes you made in the past and improve your style gradually. Just focus on mastering the basics and you’ll be there.

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