10 April 2020

by Spark Eighteen

Features introduced by social media apps during pandemic


During this global pandemic, brands are trying to share reliable information about coronavirus and restrict all false news over the internet.

Here’s how these apps made a difference.


WhatsApp to impose a new limit on forwarding to fight fake news

WhatsApp to impose a new limit on forwarding to fight fake news

You can now forward frequently shared WhatsApp messages to just a single chat at a time. “This will be in action when a message has been previously sent five times or more to restrict virality and place control on how people can send messages,” the company said. The major step has been initiated to curb the spread of wrong information.

Whatsapp, The Facebook-owned company recently also initiated the WHO Coronavirus Health Alert service to give reliable and prompt response to people within a day, worldwide.

WhatsApp is also testing a feature that would display a small magnifying glass icon next to these frequently forwarded messages, giving users the option to send that message to a web search and verify the authenticity of the news being circulated.

In March, the company also reduced the time to 15 seconds for Whatsapp stories. This is happening in India as an initiative to reduce the traffic on the server infrastructures,” WABetaInfo tweeted. However, this is temporary.


Facebook update

The new COVID-19 Community Help hub will allow people to seek information about coronavirus sourced from reliable entities and organizations like the World Health Organization. Feed will also incorporate Facebook posts from local health officials, legislators, and celebrities to make people aware of social distancing and other related news.


Messenger Update

Post the COVID-19 outbreak, with work from home becoming a global reality the voice and video communication had been increasing. While almost the entire world is under lockdown and doing work from home, messenger is finally getting desktop app. It can handle up to 8 group video call participants. But it doesn’t involve screen sharing which can be added shortly because Facebook’s Workplace offers the same. It allows users to push the window to the side to check other tabs or windows temporarily while keeping their conversation going.


Aarogya Setu

Source: Hasgeek

An app launched by the Government of India to connect essential health services with the people of India. It helps in identifying the user’s movement and informs them if they may have come in contact with someone tested positive for coronavirus. It provides information regarding best practices and advisories pertaining to the containment of COVID-19.


Covid-19 update

Google launched COVID-19 dedicated hub to keep relevant information in one place which will provide information like symptoms, treatments, and how to avoid getting it in the first place. They extract information from the World Health Organization.
You can check it here.


Snapchat Update

Snapchat makes it easier for you to donate to COVID-19 funds. The users can scan 23 international currencies in 33 countries through their cameras. The AR filter will show how donations are used for patient care and research. Snapchatters can encourage their friends for the same.
Snapchat is working closely with WHO to share relevant information via some Indian channels over Snap. You can check it over here.


Instagram update

Instagram launched the ‘Stay Home’ Story feature to promote social distancing. It shows how people are spending their time at home and encourage everyone to be home. All the stories with this sticker has a separate shared story.

New update by Instagram

Another feature added by Instagram to promote social distancing is Co-Watching Feature where users can connect with each other and browse posts. It allows everyone to browse the feed together while the video is linked.
To know more read what Instagram has to say.


Twitter’s new update lets users see tweets relevant to their location. The update will allow the Explore tab to list tweets that are more aligned to your location.

This means that all the content you’re meant to see on your Explore page including, Trends, What’s Happening and the topics listings will be more oriented with what location you are in… or choose.

Yes, you’ll be seeing what’s all is happening around the world just by sitting in one corner of the world.

We are writing this from our home, hope you’re reading this e-mail from your home too.

Stay Safe and Wash Your Hands!

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